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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review

Apr 17, 20236 min read

If you ask about cheap acoustic guitars, you can usually hear how the best option for the double-digit price is a used guitar, and I can’t agree more in most…

Gemtune X-1 Tube Amplifier Review

Gemtune X-1 Tube Amplifier Review

Mar 31, 20235 min read

There is a wonderful quality to the sound produced by a tube amplifier. I am sure that I am not the first person who has said as much to you.…

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars

Apr 4, 202314 min read

Maybe you’re hoping to pick up a new skill to entertain yourself at home during social distancing measures. Perhaps you’re an experienced musician ready to add to your collection, but…

Best 8 String Guitars

7 Best 8 String Guitars

Mar 30, 202316 min read

Modern music has evolved in many ways, with progressive metal and ‘djent’ becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a fan of bands like Animals As Leaders and Meshuggah, you’re probably going…

ArtistWorks Guitar Lessons

ArtistWorks Review

Apr 13, 202311 min read

Imagine if you could combine the flexibility of online learning with the valuable feedback of a one-on-one private lesson. And then imagine your private tutor is one of the best…

Best Online Guitar Lessons

8 Best Online Guitar Lessons

Apr 10, 202322 min read

Many people dream of becoming the next Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, or Neil Young, but without someone to teach them, most of those dreamers never learn how to hold a…

Best Guitar Capos

6 Best Guitar Capos for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Apr 5, 202315 min read

Finding the right capo to suit your guitar can be quite frustrating. Most of them cause detuning and fret buzz issues, many of them break after a couple uses, and…

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

9 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

Apr 1, 202318 min read

There is an overwhelming number of low-priced acoustic guitars on the market these days. So how is the discerning guitarist to choose? How do you distinguish a great value guitar…

Best Lap Steel Guitars

10 Best Lap Steel Guitars

Apr 6, 202312 min read

Contrary to a guitar, a lap steel guitar is placed horizontally in your lap. Instead of using hands to pluck the strings, then you are using a metal bar such…

Guitar With Long Nails

How To Play Guitar with Long Nails

Apr 16, 20235 min read

I have long nails. I want to play guitar. Am I cursed? Well, actually no. Unless your nails are nine-inch long (pun intended), you’re absolutely fine. It turns out that…

Guitar Sizes And Dimensions

Guitar Sizes and Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 14, 20234 min read

Whether you have just developed an interest in acoustic guitars or you have been playing the instrument for years, at some point you will face the challenge of choosing the…

Acoustic-Electric Guitar

4 Ways to Make an Acoustic Become an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Apr 13, 20235 min read

Do you often feel the need to invest in many different instruments to create diverse and interesting music? Notable guitarists throughout history have often owned and performed with what seems like countless…

Laminate Vs Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars

Laminate Vs Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars

Apr 16, 20235 min read

For years, the laminate vs. solid wood acoustic guitars argument has raged. Purists say there’s nothing better than a solid wood guitar, which is why it costs more. Others say…

Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars

9 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Mar 31, 202318 min read

You love your acoustic guitar, but it’s just not cutting it when you hit the stage. Like Bob Dylan before you, the time has come to plug in. But with…