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Best Dreadnought Guitar

10 Best Dreadnought Guitar

Apr 3, 202322 min read

Are you interested in learning about the best dreadnought style acoustic guitars on the market? Have you ever asked yourself what is a dreadnought guitar and how does it compare…

Best 8 String Guitars

7 Best 8 String Guitars

Mar 30, 202316 min read

Modern music has evolved in many ways, with progressive metal and ‘djent’ becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a fan of bands like Animals As Leaders and Meshuggah, you’re probably going…

Easy Love Songs To Play On Guitar

11 Easy Love Songs to Play on Guitar

Apr 14, 20237 min read

Music is the language of love. Here is the dictionary, containing 11 easy love songs to play on guitar that will win the heart of your beloved one. Right around…

Best Guitar For Small Hands

8 Best Guitar for Small Hands

Apr 5, 202315 min read

Just ask ACDC front-man Angus Young: small hands are NO excuse to playing like a rock star.All you need to do is choose the right guitar; one that’s designed for…

Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods: A Guide

Apr 13, 20235 min read

Have you ever wondered why do some musicians choose spruce and others mahogany? Is it a question of style, sound, or just good marketing? It turns out that there isn’t…

Best Acoustic Guitars For Kids

9 Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids

Mar 31, 202320 min read

Choosing guitars for kids is a big responsibility. With the right one, you can cultivate a lifelong love of music in your youngster. But pick wrong, and you’ll find the…

Best Fender Guitars

The 10 Best Fender Guitars

Apr 4, 202311 min read

A casual music lover can recognize brand Fender. Over the years this brand has become synonymous with favorite music, crafting some of the world’s most recognizable tools for the planet’s…

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

8 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

Apr 1, 202316 min read

Don’t be fooled by pushy salesmen; it’s entirely possible to get a fantastic acoustic guitar for under $300. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to find terrible guitars in this price…

Acoustic-Electric Guitar

4 Ways to Make an Acoustic Become an Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Apr 13, 20235 min read

Do you often feel the need to invest in many different instruments to create diverse and interesting music? Notable guitarists throughout history have often owned and performed with what seems like countless…

Guitar Tricks Review: Are the Lessons Worth It?

Guitar Tricks Review: Are the Lessons Worth It?

Apr 14, 202314 min read

When I wanted to learn guitar, I thought I could teach myself with free YouTube videos. A year later and I could barely pluck my way through a sad rendition…

Best Bass Guitars Under $1000

5 Best Bass Guitars Under $1000

Apr 1, 202314 min read

Are you an aspiring bassist on a tight budget? Are you curious to do some research on the cheapest bass on the market? Are you interested in learning more about…


JamPlay Review: Is Their Guitar Lesson Good?

Apr 16, 202314 min read

When we set out to review JamPlay, we heard over and over from veteran players how the site helped them overcome a plateau in their guitar progress. There are quite…

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

8 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

Apr 1, 202316 min read

The good news is that a $2000 budget can get you a fantastic guitar. The bad news is that it can also get you a big rip-off. But no way, Jose, because…

A Strap On An Acoustic Guitar

How To Put a Strap on An Acoustic Guitar

Apr 16, 20235 min read

For many guitarists, the problem of how to put a strap on an acoustic guitar is not even a problem at all. It all seems so simple – you just…