Who Are the Members of AOA Black
Group NameAOA Black
AgencyFNC entertainment
Debut DateJuly 11, 2013
MembersJimin, Yuna, Youkyung

About AOA Black

AOA Black, an abbreviation for Ace OAngels is one of two subgroups under the AOA umbrella, the others being AOA cream and AOA White. The umbrella group is currently comprised of Jimin, Yuna, Hyejyeong, Seolhyun and Chanmi.

However upon its debut on August 9, 2012 it was an eight person act with Choa, Youkyung and Mina included in the group as well as the subgroup.  AOA Black consists of two of the current five members of AOA: Jimin and Yuna with former member Youkyung participating as an honorary guest.

Youkyung departed in October 2016 following the termination of her contract, with a mutual agreement that she was allowed to unofficially return for future projects and group endeavors.

Former member Choa left on June 30, 2017, citing insomnia and depression as the primary catalyst, with former bandmate Mina departing the subgroup in May 2019 after deciding it was simply best to not renew her contract.

FNC entertainment officially announced the formation of a subgroup scheduled for  late 2013. In July, they began providing teasers of the members on their upcoming debut, and July 11th marked the group’s official inception.

15 days later, the subgroup released its only single, “Moya”, peaking at 33rd on the Gaon Digital Chart and at 21 on the Korean Hot 100 chart. Download sales of the song were up to 171,475 with physical CD sales at 2,692 according to the Gaon Music Chart.

AOA returned to the public eye on October 10, appearing on KM’s music traingle, performing AOA’s “Get Out” for the first time. A second appearance on Music bank would follow two days later. At this point, the band had simply become a vessel for promoting the larger umbrella group and had seemingly failed to retain its own individual musical distinction.

As well-intended and promising as the subgroup seemed at first, continued sustainability would quickly become an heir apparent issue. It would be three years before they would tease the possibility of a full-fledged comeback in January,

but the original version of the group would fall apart 9 months later, with the departures of Youkyung in October 2016, Choa in 2017, and Mina in May 2019 they are now a skeleton of the former incantation with only Jina, Yuna, and Youkyung as acting members. No original singles have been released since 2013.

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MOYA (모야) (lyrics)
Without You (lyrics)
MOYA (inst.) (lyrics)
Without You (inst.) (lyrics)

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@ jiminbaby_18 / Instagram

Birth Name: Shin Ji Min

Stage Name: Jimin

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Guitarist

Birthday: January 8, 1991

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 94 lbs

Blood Type: AB

Instagram: @jiminbaby_18

Twitter: N/A

Jimin Bio

Born in Seoul, South Korea Jimin is the oldest of two sisters and has had a profound interest in music from a young age. Bequeathed a yellow guitar, she has dubbed it Banana. It was gifted to her by her younger sister Juniel, who named it Panini beforehand. In 2011, she received a second guitar from her mother for her 20th birthday which she dubbed Mimi.

In what could have been a serious twist of fate, she suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome and underwent surgery in 2009 that thankfully allowed for the continued fulfillment of her musical aspirations.

Besides guitar, she is also proficient in harmonica and piano, and is so subconsciously devoted as a rapper that she does it in her sleep. She was also responsible for the lyrics of “MOYA”, the only group single to date.

As a soloist, half of her work can be traced though the show Unpretty Rapstar, a rap survival program consisting of single-elimination competition through rap performances. As a contestant, she would place fourth overall but the fruits of her journey would arguably yield more than her overall results.

Her first single “T4SA” with MC Meta and Nuck would peak at 50 on the Gaon charts and her second collaboration, “Good Start” with Lim Seulong would amass nearly 750,000 digital downloads and achieve the No. 2 spot on the Gaon Digital Chart.

Her last single produced under the show’s tenure would accrue the most notoriety with, “Puss” (ft. Iron) hitting no. 1 on the Gaon Singles Chart with nearly 1 million digital downloads and a subsequent melon music nomination to boot.

After her run on Unpretty Rapstar, Jimin would release another single irrespective of her connections made during the show. “Call You Bae” would prove a solid comeback, peaking at no. 5 on the digital download charts.

Before Unpretty Rapstar, Jimin was cast in the tvN reality show Cheongdam- dong 111. In the wake of Unpretty Rapstar, she had notable roles in 2015’s Off To School and Let’s Go! Dream Team, 2016’s Bon Bun Olympic and 2017’s Sherlock’s Room.


@ yn_s_1230 / Instagram

Birth Name: Seo Yu Na

Stage Name: Yuna

Position: Main vocalist, keyboardist

Birthday: December 30, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 99 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: yn_s_1230

Twitter: N/A

Yuna Bio

Born in Busan, South Korea and the oldest of two sisters, Yuna’s journey to stardom began at seven, when she took up piano and in turn contemplated professional singing as a career.

Her aspirations would call her away from the comfort of home, as she traveled by herself at 18 years to uncle’s house in Seoul to seek auditions and ply her trade in solitude. Her younger sister found fame in her own right, debuting in 2014 with girl group Berry Good under the stage name, “Seoyul”.

The band aside, Yuna has staked her claim as a soloist primarily through the OST route, beginning with 2013’s “I’m Ok” as part of the Marry Him If You Dare OST following up with the singles, “Hot and Sweet” and “Everything” for the K-Drama Hot and Sweet. Next up was 2017’s My Only Love Song single, “Another You” and finally 2018’s A Korean Odyssey with the single, “You and Me”.

While not the most accomplished actress with respect to her K-Pop contemporaries, Yuna has managed a steady and reputable acting career. One of few K-Pop stars to star in musical theater, she found herself as the female lead in 2013’s Summer Snow Musical reprising the role of Seol-hee. 2015 would commence her transition to the siilverscreen as Park Yu-na in the K-drama Prince’s Prince. 

In 2016, she would settle for the much less rehearsed cameo of herself in Naver’s Web Drama Click Your Heart, then as Joon-Young in Hot and Sweet, as Eunjae in My Old Friend and in her final Naver-related web appearance in 2019’s Two Hearts as Jo Ah Ra. In between her string of web-related roles, she played Hwang Hyo Rim in 2017’s Single Wife.


@ drrrr.youkyung / Instagram

Birth Name: Seo You Kyoung

Stage Name: Youkyung

Position: Drummer, Maknae

Birthday: March 15, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 105 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @drrrr.youkung

Twitter: N/A

Youkyung Bio

The oldest of two sisters, Youkyung has been a drummer since she was in seventh grade. In 2010, two years prior to her debut with AOA, she was the drummer for Sponge Band under the stage name Gaon, contributing a rap segment in their debut song, “Can’t Hear You”.

AOA Black’s single, “Moya” was her last release overall and, “Wanna Be” was her last release as an AOA member. A bit of a black sheep insofar as the group is concerned, she was labeled a “half angel” for her refusal to participate in the group’s dance unit.

To further stigmatize her in the eyes of the public, after her last known public television showing  on AOA Black’s Special Stage in 2014 until her official resignation in 2016, she was never included in any promotional material with the band therein and was apart of only a select few of the group’s activities.

Despite public criticism of this obvious collective shunning, the ambiguity of her role was never addressed by FNC or other band members.

While she was an active band member, she was also enrolled at Yewon Arts University as a practical music major circa 2013. She graduated in 2018 and as of now, according to allkpop, she attends graduate school while supplementing her time as a drum teacher and drummer for the band P.AZIT. Drum covers and tutorials are uploaded to the YouTube Channel DOCTOR DRUM.