Who Are the Members of AOA Cream
Group NameAOA Cream
AgencyFNC Entertainment
Debut DateFebruary 12, 2016
MembersYuna, Hyejjeong, Chanmi

About AOA Cream

AOA Cream is one of two subunits (The other being AOA Black) having been formed under the umbrella group AOA. AOA is currently comprised of five members: Jina, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun and Chanmi. AOA Cream consists of three of those members: Yuna, Hyejeong and Chanmi.

Their formation by FNC was announced at the beginning of 2016 and by Febraury the label began providing teasers for their upcoming debut. On February 12, 2016 they were an official, yet short lived, addition to the AOA umbrella with the debut of their single, “I’m Jelly Baby”, which rose to 26 on The Gaon Singles Chart.

There was some hype surrounding the group upon their debut, as evidenced in a photoshoot with Cosmopolitan in March 2016. Their sugar and spice image was retrofitted from American Girl groups of the 50’s a la The Ronnettes and The Crystals but under a modern context and sound.

The group’s image, rather than its musical content, were emphasized from the outset. In regards to the rigorous expectations of the group’s physical fitness, Yuna stated that, “There were great expectations regarding the bodies of AOA Cream as a sub unit, we worked especially hard through private training and flying yoga.”

As of 2017, the sub unit has failed to yield new material and no signs of a comeback have been hinted at or implied.


@ yn_s_1230 / Instagram

Birth Name: Seo Yu Na

Stage Name: Yuna

Position: Main vocalist

Birthday: December 30, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 99 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: yn_s_1230

Twitter: N/A

Yuna Bio

Born in Busan, South Korea and the oldest of two sisters, Yuna’s journey to stardom began at seven, when she took up piano and in turn contemplated professional singing as a career.

Her aspirations would call her away from the comfort of home, as she traveled by herself at 18 years to uncle’s house in Seoul to seek auditions and ply her trade in solitude. Her younger sister found fame in her own right, debuting in 2014 with girl group Berry Good under the stage name, “Seoyul”.

While Yuna sports the distinction of being both a member of AOA Back as well as AOA cream,  she has managed to stake her claim as a soloist primarily through the OST route, beginning with 2013’s “I’m Ok” as part of the Marry Him If You Dare OST following up with the singles, “Hot and Sweet” and “Everything” for the K-Drama Hot and Sweet.

 Next up was 2017’s My Only Love Song single, “Another You” and finally 2018’s A Korean Odyssey with the single, “You and Me”.

While not the most accomplished actress with respect to her K-Pop contemporaries, Yuna has managed a steady and reputable acting career. One of few K-Pop stars to star in musical theater, she found herself as the female lead in 2013’s Summer Snow Musical reprising the role of Seol-hee. 2015 would commence her transition to the silver screen as Park Yu-na in the K-drama Prince’s Prince. 

In 2016, she would settle for the much less rehearsed cameo of herself in Naver’s Web Drama Click Your Heart, then as Joon-Young in Hot and Sweet, as Eunjae in My Old Friend and in her final Naver-related web appearance in 2019’s Two Hearts as Jo Ah Ra. In between her string of web-related roles, she played Hwang Hyo Rim in 2017’s Single Wife.


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Birth Name: Shin Hye Jeong

Stage Name: Hyejeong

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Birthday: August 10, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 105 lbs

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @dongdong810

Twitter: N/A

Hyejeong Bio

As an only child born in Seoul, South Korea, Hyejeong’s path to stardom was as polarizing as her upbringing. It was not her voice nor her musical ability that brought her to the fore, but rather her impeccable image.

She competed in a supermodel pageant until the 3rd round, at which point FNC took heed and decided that her branding potential was worth taking a gamble on, from there she became a trainee for two years beginning in August 2010, debuting with AOA in July 2012 and subsequently with AOA cream in February 2016.

Before her arrival on the K-Pop scene, Hyejeong was already utililizing her image for TV and movies without prior brand recognition. In August 2012, her first cameo was made on the SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity as Na Jong-seok’s daughter with her other one being an Cha Eun-ho’s ex-girlfriend tvN’s 2018 drama Romance Is a Bad Book.

In total she accrued three supporting roles, one in the SBS drama Cheongdam-dong Alice circa August 2012, as Dal-Ki in KBS 2’s The Blade and Petal from August 2013, and as Son Min-Yu in 2019’s Perfume. As a leading lady, she was Joo Ye-bin in SBS 2018 drama Good Witch, an award nominated role,  and as BJ in Naver’s 2019 drama Can Love Be Refunded.

Outside of the script, she also appeared on TvN reality shows The Romantic and Idol in 2012 and 2013’s Cheongdam Dong 111 as a regular guest as well as 2015’s Mashup and 2017’s Saturday Night Live Korea. 

Personally, Hyejeong is very easygoing. She enjoys yoga to clear her mind and has a healthy appetite, with her fellow bandmates confirming this. Her favorite apparel is a simple hoodie and shorts and her prerogative is cooking kimchi and hanging out whenever she can. While her group members reaffirm that she has the best body amongst them, Hyejeong has had incidents of doubt.

After a weigh in for the music video, “One Fine Day” in which the other members would not reveal their weight publicly, Hyejeong was surprised to learn hers, 125 lbs., at the time and pleaded with the press to edit it out before the promotional release.


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Birth Name: Kim Chan Mi

Stage Name: Chan Mi

Position: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: June 19, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 103 lbs

Blood Type: AB

Instagram: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Chanmi Bio

Born in Gumi, South Korea as the middle child of four, Chanmi’s energetic and selfless personality have lent a hand to her stardom since the very start. She became a dancer at her Mom’s discretion due to her boundless energy and then an idol in Elementary School to aid her struggling Mother , who was running a hair salon at the time and had just gone through a divorce.

During her second year of middle school, she was scouted by FNC Entertainment while she was dancing at a basketball game and was recruited by FNC Entertainment, training for three years before AOA’s debut.

Renowned for her fitness and athletic ablity, Chanmi has had several opportunities apart from FNC to showcase her talents. She was a finalist on MBC Music’s Idol Dance Battle D-Style in 2014 and perfomed on both a solo and joint dance stage as apart of MBC’s DMC festival in 2015 and as a competitor in KBS’s Muscle Queen Project in 2016.

Apart from dancing, Chanmi has made cameos in a few web dramas starting with 2016’s Click Your Heart and Entertainer, proceeded by 2017’s My Father Is Strange and 2018’s Sky Castle with her only scripted role being as Geum Hye-ra in the Web Drama What’s Up With These Kids?.

Inbetween her web drama appearances she won first place as a contestant on K Star’s 2017 Variety Show I Am An Actor and was a panelist on MBC’s Haha Land in the same year with her most recent credit being as a host on DongA TV’s Let’s Meet at the Shop.