Best First Act Acoustic & Electric Guitar

First Act may not be as renowned as Yamaha, Ibanez, or even ESP, however, rest assured, that this new is much more than dependable.

We’re here in order to review one of the very best guitars.

This review will cover the 10 First Act acoustic and electric guitar, but, please keep in mind — we’re not here to convince you to purchase it, instead to keep you educated about your alternatives.

What’s A First Act Guitar?

First Act is a producer of musical instruments and musical learning toys, that has generated guitars, bass guitars, bass and bass accessories, drum sets, percussion instruments, and amplifiers.

Mark Izen launched the business in 1995; its own internet presence first appeared first in 2000.

Based officially in Boston, Massachusetts, in its summit First Act preserved offices in Bentonville, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, along with a”custom shop” luthiery at Somerville, Massachusetts.

First Act promised to be “the first company to successfully create a lineup of musical instruments comprising the distinctive demands of the mass-market market.”

In 2016, First Act has been acquired by toymaker Jazwares.

What are the Best First Act Electric Guitar?

1. First Act ME445 Designer Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

First Act ME445 Designer

The First Act ME445 Designer Double Cutaway Electric Guitar features a custom strong body with a double cutaway design that provides a warm and vibrant sound.

Having a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, the ME445 is both sturdy and fashionable.

The contoured body includes exceptional high-pressure access, and also both, patent-pending, high-output humbucking pickups that deliver a wonderful sound.

This guitar also offers a branded 3 + 3 headstock and traditional hardtail bridge to optimize sustain, chrome-covered tuning machines for precise tuning, and volume and tone control for audio tweaks.

First Act also did not scrimp on personality – the ME445 comes with a high-gloss metallic black finish with retro stylings, but with a modern vibe, along with a beautiful white Pearloid modern pickguard form.

2. First Act Electric Guitar – Black Satin Breaker

First Act Electric Guitar

First Act’s solid poplar body electric guitar includes a double-cutaway body shape and a slick black satin finish.

Having a slender maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, you’re prepared to strum, shred, or even solo.

Just one white humbucking pickup on the bridge provides the sign, and a traditional chrome hardtail bridge adds sustain.

3. First Act ME279 Electric Guitar Power Amplifier

First Act ME279 Electric Guitar

Get ready to rock with the First Act Electric Guitar with Amp.

It is scaled down to smaller players, however, it is designed with the very same materials, appointments, and electronics as First Act’s full-size guitars to get complete rock sound.

Children are going to feel encouraged and enthused about a true music-making encounter whilst playing a tool designed specifically for them.

1 high-output humbucking pickup provides large rock distortion and traditional clean tones.

The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard provide a good feel and warm tone.

Timeless hardtail bridge pushes the sustain. Independent volume control signifies the best in audio tweaks.

The First Act Red Arrow Guitar Package includes everything that your small Rocker should get the series began.

Guitar Pics, Cable and an Amplifier with different volume, tone and gain controls.

4. First Act Discovery FI5009 Electric Guitar

First Act Discovery FI5009

The Portable Electric Guitar lets you rock out where you are – that the amp is built in so you’re free to maneuver.

It is specially sized for children, using a headset jack for silent practice, and an output jack for connecting to an outboard amp.

It also includes Learn-A-Chord cards and series name stickers so children can begin playing straight away. This guitar packs a great deal of punch in a little package!

First Act Discovery Electric Guitar cordless-operation with built-in electricity amp Maple neck with hardwood body and fingerboard.

Output jack for linking to the outboard amplifier. Low string action for effortless playing Learn-A-Chord protective and cards series post covers suggesting chain names contained.

5. First Act FE5007 Discovery electric guitar

First Act FE5007

This mobile electric guitar at the rock star is meant for innovative, little guitarists who wish to emulate their rock music idols.

This fashionable electric guitar includes a chrome-covered guitar mind, which may be trained easily and always with the assistance of skilled tuning pins.

The rosewood fingerboard with hand-carved polished chrome frets made from classic tonewood produces a cozy and warm sound and offers you a sound, natural musical encounter.

The guitar body is constructed from solid timber, which is lightweight in addition to melodious. The hands tail chrome bridge is simple to fix.

It offers an exact intonation and a maximum launch period. Further professional specifics of the electrical guitar: This allows real electric guitar sounds and rocking distortions.

An entry-level electrical guitar version, which can be authentic and of high quality.

The guitar could be performed easily and without annoyance, as a result of its cool design as well as the Accord study cards. It promotes creativity and the pleasure of playing music.

What are the Best First Act Acoustic Guitar?

1. First Act Acoustic Guitar FG127

First Act Acoustic Guitar FG127

This 30-inch steel-string acoustic guitar has excellent sound and precise intonation to get a genuine musical experience.

The guitar has a comfy, thin profile body, along with a good tone.

The neck includes thin frets and low string action so that it’s easy for smaller hands to press down strings to form chords and notes. The steel-reinforced neck stands up to enthused playing.

The comprised of Learn-a-Chord cards help children learn starting chords straight away. Patented string pole covers cap the series ends to protect little hands on.

Also included are series name decals so young players may set them on the series post covers to find out about their tool.

2. First Act Natural Acoustic Guitar (FG1106)

First Act Natural Acoustic Guitar

This newcomer guitar is sized and designed especially for young players. Featuring excellent tone, relaxation & playability.

Low series action means easy playing for novices. Patented chain article covers protect little hands on.

The First Act Discovery acoustic guitar is sized especially for young gamers and contains thin frets and low string action to ensure it is effortless to play with.

It contains patented series post covers to protect small palms and distinctive Learn-a-Chord cards to have children started playing immediately.

3. First Act Discovery Wild 80s Acoustic Guitar FG1619

First Act Discovery Wild 80s

Constructed with a cozy medium size body and neck. It creates fantastic tones and feels great in the palms!

The First Act Discovery Guitar is tunable with true fret spacing and low string action!

First Act Discovery products foster children’s natural enthusiasm for music by engaging, enriching, and enjoyable products!

4. First Act DP705 Disney Princess Acoustic Guitar

First Act DP705 Disney Princess

Get ready to rock to a Disney acoustic guitar! Children can get strumming on a guitar made just for them, with favorite Disney characters to promote them in their musical journey.

Children should feel excited about playing songs, and if they play a well-crafted tool, that musical spark may ignite.

The Disney guitar is made with a comfortable, moderate size body and neck.

Thin frets and low string action make it simple for small hands to press down strings to form chords.

It is completely tunable for musical precision and has a good tone. Patented chain post covers cap series ends to protect little hands on. A steel-reinforced neck stands up to enthused playing.

Included in this package, Learn-a-Chord cards help children learn starting chords straight away, and series name decals to help children learn about their tool.

5. First Act Discovery Acoustic 30″ Guitar

First Act Discovery Acoustic 30″ Guitar

Make real music together with the First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar Starter Package.

The 30″ natural acoustic guitar is sized and designed especially for young gamers and contains actual pruning equipment for good sound.

Accurate fret spacing and low string action make it comfortable and easy to play with, and the patented series post covers keep small fingers protected.

Bundle starter package comprises a 30″ acoustic guitar, adjustable guitar strap, digital guitar tuner, nylon carry case, extra strings, guitar picks, and chord cards which get children playing straight away!


If you do not know a lot about guitars or the way they’re supposed to feel and sound, but you would like to find something cheap and aesthetically attractive, then First Act Discovery guitars will probably fit your requirements very nicely.

I feel these guitars are most likely okay for toddlers or even younger children who only need to mess up with something which may introduce them to what’s guitar is, and how it functions.

In case you’ve got a kid who’s intent on learning how to play or is thinking about taking classes, these versions won’t cut it you need to look elsewhere.