Best Guitar Pedalboard Power Supply

If you suffer from a lot of noise and hum from your pedalboard, then you probably need a better power supply to provide clean, isolated power. Picking a good power supply can be quite tricky because pedals and pedalboards vary a lot in shape, size, and power requirements.

That’s why we’ve researched and compiled a list of the 9 best pedal power supplies that you can buy for clean, efficient power to your pedals.

What are the Best Pedal Power Supplies for Guitar?

1. Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 12-Output Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply – Best Overall

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 12


  • Type: Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 12 Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

Truetone’s power supplies have been used by professional musicians all over the world for several years now. All of their products are known for being reliable and trustworthy, and offer better value for money than most other power supply manufacturers. The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 is their top-of-the-line model with 12 fully isolated outputs in a rugged and compact power brick format.

The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 features a comprehensive and adjustable output configuration that fits every guitarist’s needs. From left to right, the CS12 features two 18V DC (100mA), four 9V/12V DC (100mA), one variable 4-9V DC, four high-draw 9V DC at 250mA and 500mA, and one 9V AC (800mA) output. This is more than enough for most guitarists, as you can use almost any type of pedal with this configuration, from old fuzz pedals using variable voltage to pedals that use AC voltage.

The 1 Spot Pro features Truetone’s proprietary isolation technology, which ensures that every output is completely isolated, minimizing any kind of noise in the circuitry. It has a worldwide voltage input, so it automatically regulates itself based on the input voltage (115V or 230V) anywhere in the world. Plus, it features mounting brackets that can be used to mount it under PedalTrain boards easily. According to The Captain from Andertons UK :

This is the best featured power supply we currently stock…It’s got a whole bucket load of outputs with variable voltages.

If you’re looking for the most reliable, versatile, and rugged pedal power supply, then look no further beyond the Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12. It’s got twelve outputs, enough for almost any guitarist’s needs, with variable voltages and high-current draw. It’s housed in a rugged metal construction that’s built to last, and it’ll work wherever you wanna perform, making it the best guitar pedal power supply at an affordable price.

2. Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply For 9V/12V/18V Effect Pedals – Budget Pick 

Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply


  • Type: DC Power Supply
  • Outputs: 10 Non-Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

Donner makes some great quality effects pedals at affordable prices, and they’ve recently launched some pedal power supplies to match as well. The Donner DP-2 is an upgrade of the earlier DP-1 power pedal, and it packs 10 DC outputs in a compact box.

Its configuration features six 9V 100mA outputs, two 9V 500mA outputs, and one output each for 12V and 18V (each of 500mA). It’s quite simple in design compared to other power supplies on the list, but it does get the job done. With a capacity to power 10 different effects pedals, it’s a great choice for most players. It should be noted that these outputs aren’t truly isolated, but they work well and don’t introduce too much noise into your signal.

It can take an AC input from 100V-240V, so it’ll work well in almost all situations, and it’s made from aluminum alloy, so it’s quite durable as well. It features a line of light-blue LED indicators to show the status of each individual output, and it comes with 10 DC power cables and 2 reverse polarity cables included in the box.

If you’re looking for a great pedal power supply on a tight budget, then the Donner DP-2 is the best choice. It’s a no-frills power supply with 10 outputs that provide sufficient power as well as short-circuit protection to your entire pedalboard in a compact and portable power-brick format at a very reasonable price.

3. Pedaltrain Volto 3 Rechargeable Power Supply (PT-VT3) – Most Portable

Pedaltrain Volto 3 Rechargeable Power Supply


  • Type: Rechargeable Power Supply
  • Outputs: 2 Non-Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: No

Pedaltrain is known for manufacturing some of the most innovative and most popular pedalboards used by players all over the world. With the original Volto, they had introduced a new and portable way to power pedals on-the-go. Now, the Volto 3 is their latest upgrade and features an even longer battery life and double the lifetime recharges.

The Volto 3 is a small, smartphone-sized portable battery that features two 9V DC outputs that can output a total current of 2000 mA. Neither of these outputs are isolated, however, so you’ll have to daisy chain your pedals together for best results. Between the outputs there’s a small Micro USB port used to charge the device. With its high current draw and a 6200mAh battery, the Volto 3 is capable of powering a whole range of 9V pedals for a long time very easily, but it cannot be used to power pedals using different voltages.

The power supply is encased in a durable and reinforced plastic body with a slick green finish to it. Pedaltrain provides strips of hook-and-loop with it so you can easily mount it under your pedalboard, and they provide daisy-chain and straight cables as well. The new battery health program ensures that the pedal doesn’t overcharge, and it’ll always deliver the correct amount of current.

If you’re tired of connecting to wall outlets and looking for a rechargeable and portable power supply, then the Pedaltrain Volto 3 is your best bet. It’s an affordable and durable power supply with a lot of battery juice and a high current draw that can easily power your entire pedalboard on the move.

4. CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation Universal Power Supply – Most Versatile

CIOKS DC7 Future Power Generation


  • Type: Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 7 Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

CIOKS has been a key player in the power supply industry since 1991, and it is still continuously innovating new products with cutting-edge technologies. The CIOKS DC7 is part of their new ‘Future Power Generation’ series of products, featuring their advanced switch-mode technology in a very slim and portable format.

The CIOKS DC7 comes with 7 configurable, isolated DC outputs that can be switched between four modes – 9V, 12V, 15V, or 18V, with a maximum current output of 660mA at 9V, and 330mA at 18V. Every output has its own dual-DIP switch that allows you to toggle between the four possible voltages, allowing for maximum compatibility with practically any pedal.

There’s even a 5V USB outlet to charge your smartphone. The multi-stage filtering ensures that there’s no noise or hum, and it features LEDs on each output to accurately monitor the current load status of the device. According to Mick Thomson, the lead guitarist of Slipknot:

Everything on the pedalboard is powered by the CIOKS power supplies, which are absolutely, absolutely amazing.

It automatically regulates itself and accepts input voltages from 90V to 240V at 50Hz or 60Hz, so you can travel worldwide with it. With a one-inch profile and a sturdy build, it’s amongst the smallest power supplies so it can easily fit any pedalboard. The 3-LED power meter gives you precise information on the total power load, and a global status LED warns of excessive current as well. Plus, if you need more outputs, the DC7 can be expanded by the CIOKS 4 or CIOKS 8 for even more slots.

If you’re looking for the most versatile and easily configurable power supply, then the CIOKS DC7 is the one for you. With individually configurable outputs ranging from 9V to 18V, a high-current draw, an extremely slim and compact form factor, and advanced LED monitoring capabilities, the DC7 is the most versatile, best pedalboard power supply and it fulfills the needs of any modern guitarist.

5. Strymon Ojai High Current DC Power Supply


  • Type: Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 5 Dual-Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

Strymon is known for making very high-quality and exotic effects pedals like the Timeline and the Big Sky. Recently, they launched their own series of power supply units with the Ojai and Zuma, designed to provide high-current, isolated power that can easily be expanded to fit more units when needed.

The Strymon Ojai features 9V DC outputs, each with a capacity of 500mA and center-negative polarity. Each of these outputs features its own custom transformer that is sure to deliver clean and consistent power to every pedal. Strymon has incorporated its proprietary ‘dual-isolation’ topology that eliminates any ground loops and ensures an ultra-low-noise performance. With the 24V Thru jack, more Ojai units can be connected together to power even more pedals when needed.

The Ojai comes equipped with an automatic switching technology that’s designed to work effortlessly with any input voltage, anywhere in the world. Its rugged aluminum design is not only very durable, but also compact and can easily fit under any pedalboard. If the Ojai doesn’t have enough outputs for you, Strymon’s other power supplies like the R30 and Zuma can fill the gap.

If you’re looking for an innovative power supply that can easily fit most pedalboards, the Strymon Ojai is a great choice. With high current, dual-isolated outputs, automatic input voltage switching, expandability with more Ojai units, and a noise-free performance, it’s an amazing power supply in a compact box.

6. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power MONDO Isolated Power Supply

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power


  • Type: Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 12 Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: No

Voodoo Lab is an industry-standard when it comes to power supplies for pedalboards, as well as a host of other accessories. Their products like the Pedal Power 2 Plus have been used extensively by guitarists worldwide. The new Pedal Power MONDO is their latest release, a major upgrade over the 2 Plus, and was designed to be a comprehensive pedals power supply solution for all players.

The Pedal Power Mondo features 12 isolated outputs in an extensive and diverse configuration: two pairs of outputs for 9V or 12V at 400mA, two high-current outputs at 9V 400mA, four outputs for 9V/12V at 100mA, two outputs for 9V at 250mA, and two outputs for 9V and 100mA with a SAG function that goes down to 4V. Furthermore, the Mondo features DIP switches at the back that allow you to regulate the outputs. This allows for an incredible combination of different effects pedals of different voltages powered together with the same power supply.

The input voltage on the Mondo, however, does not switch automatically. For American models, it’s set to 120V, and it requires external transformers to be used for international usage. The build quality is rugged and durable, and it can fit beneath larger pedalboards with ease. It comes with a whole bunch of different cables and adapters so you can connect all your pedals straight out of the box, and it also has a courtesy AC outlet for those classic pedals that require AC input only.

If you’re looking for a large pedal power supply, then the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo is a great option. With 12 diverse and noiseless isolated outputs for both DC and AC, a rugged build quality with an in-built cooling fan, and all the inclusive adapters and cables, the Mondo offers amazing professional performance that’s well worth its asking price.

7. MXR M238 Iso-Brick Guitar Pedal Power Supply

MXR M238 Iso-Brick Guitar


  • Type: Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 10 Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

MXR (a Dunlop brand) is known for making some of the best effects pedals, but with the MXR Iso-Brick, they’ve made a perfect complement to your entire pedalboard. A major upgrade over the earlier MXR DC Brick, the Iso-Brick is a fully isolated power supply designed to provide the right type of power to all your pedals, without any noise or hum.

The Iso-Brick features 10 isolated outputs, out of which, 8 are fixed, and 2 are variable. The outputs here are: two 9V 100mA, two 9V 300mA, two 9V 450mA, two 18V 250mA, and two variable outputs from 6-15V at 250mA with trim pots for both. The two variable outputs can be set to 9V if necessary, or it can be adjusted low for a ‘SAG’ effect, or higher than usual for more headroom (depending on the pedal). The fully isolated, noise-reduction circuitry ensures that there’s no extra noise in the signal chain.

The Iso-Brick can accept input voltage from 100-240V at 47-63Hz, and it comes with international plug adapters as well, making it easy to use worldwide. The body is rugged and durable since it’s built with brushed aluminum, and it’s compact enough to fit under many pedalboards. It features LEDs on each output to show their status, and comes with a host of cables and connectors that can connect to a variety of pedal types.

If you’re looking for a power supply with great brand value, variable outputs, and an affordable price, then the MXR Iso-Brick is a great choice. With 10 fully isolated outputs that include 2 variable trim pots, worldwide input voltage, and a durable and compact design, it’s a great power supply for any guitarist.

8. Mooer Macro Power S8 Effects Power Supplies

Mooer Macro Power S8 Effects


  • Type: Partially-Isolated Power Supply
  • Outputs: 4 Isolated, 4 Non-Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

Mooer is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality effects and multi-effects pedals, along with other audio equipment. The Mooer Macro Power S8 is a partially-isolated power supply designed for users who want clean and reliable power for their pedalboard on a budget.

The Mooer S8 features 8 outputs, out of which 4 are isolated and 4 are not isolated. These are configured as: four non-isolated 9V DC outputs with a 400mA total, three isolated 9V DC outputs with 200mA each, and one isolated 200mA output configurable at 9,12,15, or 18V with a switch. All of these are over-current protected, and the isolated outputs work very well without any unnecessary noise or hum.

The S8 can accept input at either 220-240V AC or 110-120V AC, with a manual toggle switch at the side, which allows it to be used internationally with ease. The build is quite durable and very compact, so it can easily fit most pedalboards. There are LED lights on each output to display their current status. It comes with international adapters, a variety of cables and connectors, as well as Mooer’s straps to easily place it on a pedalboard.

If you’re looking for a versatile power supply with several outputs on a budget, then the Mooer Macro Power S8 is a great choice. It offers both isolated and non-isolated outputs as well as switchable input voltage in a very compact and affordable design that’ll work well enough for aspiring guitarists.

9. Mission Engineering 529i USB Pedal Power Supply Guitar

Mission Engineering 529i USB Pedal


  • Type: Isolated USB Power Supply
  • Outputs: 8 Isolated
  • Switchable Voltage: Yes

Mission Engineering is a new audio electronics company that’s pushing the boundaries of technology with new-age, innovative products. The Mission Engineering 529i is a USB-powered, rechargeable power supply designed to power your pedalboard on the move with convenience.

The 529i features 8 isolated 9V DC outputs, with six outputs at 300mA and two of them at 500mA. It also has a USB Type-A Out port and a Micro-USB In port, so you can use the 529i to charge mobile devices, as well as using USB chargers to charge the 529i’s battery. The large, rechargeable Li-ion battery, with a capacity of 29.6Wh, can run your entire pedalboard for 2 hours with a 1A load. For those requiring 18V output, the included voltage doubler cable can connect 2 outputs together to power those high-volt pedals.

There’s no problem of input voltage here, since the 12V power adapter can be connected anywhere, and the 529i can also be recharged via USB chargers, making it extremely convenient. The build quality is good, and it’s small enough to fit a lot of pedalboard designs. It has LED lights to show the power status, as well as any power failures, and it comes included with DC cables and one USB cable.

If you’re looking for a conveniently rechargeable and portable power supply at an affordable price, then the Mission Engineering 529i is a great choice. With a large battery that can run for hours, 8 isolated outputs, two-way USB charging, and easy compatibility, the 529i is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

What To Know Before Buying a Pedal Power Supply?

Choosing a new power supply for your pedalboard can be quite frustrating, with so many different models out there. Here are some important considerations that you should keep in mind to ensure that your power supply works smoothly with your pedalboard:

Outputs And Type

When choosing a power supply for your pedalboard, the number of outputs is perhaps the most important thing to consider, since you need enough outputs for all your pedals. Based on the number of pedals you have and your pedalboard’s size, you should pick a power supply that has enough outputs, and maybe even a few extra for future upgrades.

Isolated power supplies ensure that there is no unnecessary noise or hum in your signal.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the type of power supply. In an isolated supply, each output is independently separated from the rest, hence preventing any kind of noise or humming due to an overlap of pedals.

The good power supplies also have short-circuit protection, to ensure that your pedals are safe in case of any electrical malfunctions. They can also convert dirty power (found in venues with old circuitry) into clean power for a smooth operation.

Voltage And Switching

Power supplies often offer different outputs for different voltages and current loads. Some offer only 9V DC outputs, some have 12V or 18V outputs, some have high current (500mA and more) outputs, some have AC outputs for those classic Digitech Whammy pedals, and some have variable ‘sag’ outputs (4-9V) for those old fuzz pedals. Also, most pedals accept negative polarity power, but some may require positive polarity.

If pedals are supplied with a voltage or current other than the recommended value, they are likely to function improperly or even get damaged.

Hence, you should pick a power supply that has all the ports necessary for every pedal, making sure that each pedal will get an accurate supply of voltage and current in the right polarity (positive or negative). Sometimes, you can use special voltage conversion cables and reverse polarity cables as well.

Also, if you’re planning on touring and performing internationally, then you need a power supply that can easily switch its input voltage (from 100V to 240V). Some power supplies like the Truetone and Strymon do this automatically, making it very easy. But some others might require configuration or special voltage transformers to be able to accept a different input voltage.


Do I need a pedal power supply?

Yes, a pedal power supply is certainly recommended for all guitarists. They offer an easy and portable way to provide clean, risk-free power to all the pedals on your board, and the better quality ones offer isolated power outputs as well.

Can you power a 9V pedal with 12V?

No, you cannot power a 9V pedal with a 12V power supply. Pedals have very specific voltage and current requirements, and using a different power supply can cause harm to its circuitry. In some cases, certain pedals might accept variable voltage from 9-12V, but you should confirm this before using a 12V adapter to prevent any risks or damage.

How do you power a pedalboard?

You can power a pedalboard using a variety of different power supplies and options. A common method is using the daisy-chain method, where a single power supply is used to power several pedals via a daisy-chain cable, which has multiple connecting jacks. However, the best option is to use an isolated power supply wherein each pedal gets a separate output jack, to reduce the noise and hum caused by cross-connecting power lines that occur in daisy-chains.