Best Leslie Guitar Pedal

The Leslie simulator pedal could perfectly emulate or mimic the mechanical role of the speaker.

You are able to elect for the digital or analog version of the simulator, dependent on your own preference.

Regardless of whichever variant you choose, you may be certain that both the variations are going to have the ability to replicate the initial effect.

You will find analog and digital versions of those pedals, and the majority of them get the heart of the effect right.

We chose them based on how correctly they exude the Leslie experience along with their general quality.

In the event you’re looking for a Leslie pedal for syncing with the pedal keyboard of your guitar or organ, then carefully move through the testimonials of the 5 best Leslie pedals before taking the plunge.

What are the Best Leslie Guitar Pedal?

1. Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal

Neo Instruments Ventilator

The Ventilator II by Neo Instruments is possibly among the most faithful representations of a true Leslie cab it is possible to receive from a stompbox.

True to the original, it is designed to operate with both keyboards and guitars.

It provides you with a clear, warm, vintage tone which remains true to the Leslie personality, also in overdrive, which can be lacking in simulator pedals.

Sonically, the Ventilator is particularly impressive when utilized with a guitar. It is possible to switch off the speaker simulator to use the pedal with your customary amp.

The sleek, lush caliber that the Ventilator adds to a sound is really a near-perfect emulation of a classic wooden cupboard, even though your amp is much more contemporary and functional.

The absolute power of this audio would be well worth the excess space. If you’re trying to find the truest, best Leslie pedal on the current market, the Ventilator is your solution.

2. Hotone EQ-V 5 Band Graphic EQ Guitar Effects Pedal

Hotone EQ-V 5 Band Graphic

This version is the easiest of all of the Leslie pedals we examine here. Its simplicity making it eminently affordable for funding buyers.

The Hotone Roto is sent to you in a stompbox of standardized dimensions using a zinc metal chassis. The pedal has a large transparent knob outfitted in the top and also additional knobs.

There are 5 mini sliders for controlling the EQ rings which range from 80Hz to 5 kHz which usually means you have complete control over audio reproduction.

You would be deceiving yourself should you judge the stompbox on the grounds of its basic design-it is totally capable of emulating the ramifications of Leslie mechanical speakers.

The Hotone EQ-V 5 is great for all those people who are searching to create basic tweaks but if you would like a larger level of control over the own locale, then proceed for Neo Instruments or DLS RotoSim.

3. Electro-Harmonix Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Lester

When a particular effect, particularly one as unique as Leslie, gains some traction, you can bet that Electro-Harmonix will deliver their model.

Lester K is a no-nonsense stompbox that accomplishes a fairly good Leslie impact at a sensible price and outstanding quality.

The entire issue is packaged into a normal Electro-Harmonix enclosure which we’re familiar with.

Concerning controls, you receive the most crucial ones together with the speed/brake footswitch.

It is not covered in knobs such as the preceding 2 pedals, but what you get is more than sufficient for one to dial in whatever you desire.

Performance you can anticipate is to par with many premium boxes available on the industry.

Though Lester K has been made to be used with computer keyboards, it is more than acceptable for pellets.

4. Neo Instruments Mini Vent II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal

Neo Instruments Mini Vent

Here is the tiniest Leslie pedal you are very likely to discover, about half of the size of this Neo Instruments Ventilator above.

Together with the easy layout, making it effortless to prepare and use.

There are not a great deal of influence customization choices available on the Mini Vent II. It does one thing and does it nicely.

It is possible to alter the rate of this effect, but there’s just a footswitch to trigger the real bypass.

This is a portion of what we meant with a simple layout, however –the fewer configurations you will find to fool around with, the less you need to be worried about when it is time for your gig.

5. Strymon Lex Rotary Simulator

Strymon Lex Rotary

As an effect which was initially made to be used with an organ, it is also among the earliest effects in rock and roll.

Even if a true rotary speaker cabinet was not a massive pain to continue, keep, and save, the Lex would nevertheless be a somewhat formidable opponent.

The Mic Distance knob adjusts the strength of the rotary impact –approximating the consequence that a solid engineer could get with different mic positions.

On a Leslie, by way of instance, a microphone is usually put on the rotor (the drum, that manages the lower end) and another on the greater recoil the horn( that manages the top end).

The Lex’s emulated preamp could be overdriven through the Preamp Drive knob and boosted or cut by 6 dB in its secondary purpose.

The high end of this effect may be corrected by shifting the Horn Level knob, as well as the acceleration period between every rotation can be changed while the pedal is put in its secondary manner.


The Leslie pedals reviewed previously are unquestionably among the best of the best pedals. For this reason, you are able to safely invest your cash in any one of those versions.

For the most part, regardless of which one you opt for, you’ll find the functionality you want.

Some such as the Leslie pedal will definitely be as close as you can get into a real rotating cab, but each of them has its own particular character.