Best Violin Pickup

A violin pickup can be convenient for several events; weddings, outdoor performances, and sometimes once you just require a bit more from your small violin!

If you would like to enhance your violin or create your violin seems like an electric violin, then you may wish to buy a violin pickup or even a violin transducer.

You can always use a mic, but the noise from a violin pickup is high quality and much more natural.

As there is a lot of violin pickups on the current market, we’ve garnered a listing of a few of the best Violin Pickups from the area for the perusal.

What Are the Best Violin Pickups?

1. Headway The Band Violin Pickup

Headway The Band Violin

This pickup system is intended to be simple to install without needing any alterations to your device –ideal for gamers that wish to utilize their concert violin at an uncluttered setting.

The pickup system wraps around your device’s own body, snugly enough to remain in place but with no scratches or stress to the timber.

The pickup offers you a more rapid and clearer sound reproduction compared to with a microphone, allowing you to get more volume with no feedback together with reducing extraneous sound from the body and bow.

The outcome is a clear, warm tone by a pickup which could be plugged into an amplifier or mixing desk, so which makes it a flexible pickup that is helpful in both studio and stage software.

2. Fishman V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup

Fishman V-200 Classic Series

Fishman is a name that springs to mind for a lot of people in regards to pickups for classical devices.

This really is a carpenter style pickup using a 1/4 inch jack exactly like an electric guitar could have.

The clever design means this port only clips on the border of this tool in a similar manner a chinrest would.

That is a passive manner of the pickup so it’s strongly recommended that you run it via a preamp also, although the manufacturers state this isn’t essential, so it’s actually down to personal taste.

Fishman V-200 is a great option for a couple of reasons. The majority of the reviews will inform you it does a fantastic job of copying the sound of your acoustic guitar when amplifying it to the greatest levels.

In addition to this, this is actually simple to fit and does not need an audio tech to be fitted, so everyone can get it done.

Additionally, it does not permanently alter your device so that you may remove it at any given moment.

3. Barcus Berry 3100 Clamp-On Bridge Violin Piezo Pickup

Barcus Berry 3100 Clamp-On

The violin pickup clamps immediately into the bridge. It might be linked via cable into the 3100P output. Furthermore, it supplies a wideband frequency response along with an exceptional string balance.

This pickup comes with a feedback rejection component that offers excellent signal isolation for the precise and natural reproduction of the violin’s sound.

Attaching and removing the pickup is simple. Hence there’s absolutely no need to place holes on the tool so as to stash this.

Clamps easily to the violin bridge and connects via cable into the 3100P output. Offers broadband frequency response and superb string balance.

Feedback rejection attribute offers excellent signal isolation for clear, accurate reproduction of this violin’s sound.

4. Kremona KNA VV-1 Violin/Viola Pickup

Kremona KNA VV-1 Violin

The Kremona VV-1 Violin/Viola Pickup is created as a passive piezo pickup alternative for both violin and viola.

It comes encased in a lightweight tonewood. You are able to set up the VV-1 sensor at the eye of the viol bridge using very little if any adjustment.

Additionally, this really is a mobile and removable piezo pickup that accompanies jack. The side-mounted carpenter jack is all about a quarter inch.

Additionally, it offers a protective cork home to protect your violin from scrapes.

Overall, the KNA VV-1 pickup is a detachable piezo pickup jack for violins. It is going to surely last you for quite a while. As it includes a protective cork home to protect your violin from scrapes.

5. The Feather Violin Pickup with Flexible Micro-Gooseneck

The Feather Violin Pickup

The pickup is simple to install and can be powered with lithium batteries. A Preamp is comprised of the pickup to boost the warmth and glow of this tone.

It’s small and compact and compatible with the majority of effects.

The Feather includes a patented saddle clip which helps to ensure that the Pickup remains in place even in the event that you decide to give in to a violent swaying because you like the songs.

You don’t need to be concerned about any scratches on your own device either because the clip does not leave any marks.

You may turn the volume down or raise it will with all the gentle fluted rubber knob. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that even in the maximum volume there’s not any feedback and the audio is apparent.

The Feather pickup is probably among the strongest yet compact pickups you can select for your violin if you would like to flip into a powerhouse of audio.

You hear only the actual notes of this music and there are not any acoustic and no comments.

6. LR Baggs Violin Pickup

LR Baggs Violin Pickup

The LR Baggs are the most reliable brand for bridge pickups throughout the market, famous for their ability to increase the authentic all-natural noise of your violin with no pesky feedback or the lean, nasal tone and additional sound you may get when playing into a mic.

The transducer is cast right into the bridge to provide you with outstanding sensitivity across dynamics, using a balanced tone across the strings which enrich rather than changes the natural tonal attributes of your own instrument.

There is a reason that this pickup is the most usual selection of skilled fiddle players. Once installed, it is going to deliver a constant, natural tone if you are recording or playing live, which makes concerns over amplification a matter of the past.

7. Luvay Piezo Pickup

Luvay Piezo Pickup

You’ll realize that many of these products don’t go easy on the pocketbook! But you do not need to become a professional to wish to reevaluate your violin or conduct it through impacts, and lots of novices are searching for a budget choice.

For this, the Luvay Piezo multi-instrument pickup can do a very great job. It is not elite or always the quality you’d need for a massive concert, however for smaller gigs, recording and practicing in the Luvay Piezo does the occupation.

It’s not difficult to install and may be controlled using a volume knob in addition to an added 10ft cable.

You might not find one at a global concert hall anytime soon but for starting out or experimentation with pedals, effects pedals or amps to your violin it is sometimes a good beginning point.

8. Kremona KNA VV-3 Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup

Kremona KNA VV-3

The KNA VV-3 Pickup involves a lightweight and wood-encased detector that delivers the organic sound of your own violin.

It is made up of good ebony, cork-lined 1/4 in. carpenter jack that’s held securely to the violin with a flexible cork-line clamp.

It might be installed or circulated when not being used. Once used, it makes professional audio.

VV-3 is a natural, detachable passive piezo pickup alternative for violin and viola. Encased in lightweight tone timber, The VV-3 Sensor installs in the eye of the viol bridge with minimal alteration.

VV-3 includes strong ebony, cork-lined 1/4″ Carpenter jack using a flexible barreled clamp, keeping it securely in position during performances.

9. Andoer Clip-on Pickup Pick-up for Violin

Andoer Clip-on Pickup

The Andoer Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Pickup is a pocket-friendly alternative that will create an awesome sound.

It is accompanied by an 8-foot-long chord. Additionally, this pickup has a standard, one-quarter inch jack.

In addition to how it clips into the violin with no requirement for drilling holes is just another fantastic quality.

In addition, this pickup has a fantastic capability to get rid of external sound. As a consequence, you may enjoy the uniqueness of your device with no discordant tune.

The Andoer Cherub WCP-60V Clip-on Pickup is quite popular for its quality and affordability. Thus, most reviewers thought it’s the highest high-quality pickup it is possible to get at a below-par price.


As a violin player, you need to guarantee that purchase the very best violin pickup or greatest violin transducer so you seem amazing.

This listing of the greatest violin pickups and transducers can function as a baseline to the accessible violin pickups and transducers on the current market, but you ought to try a few to see which ones create your violin seem the very best.

All our recommended products can make your purchasing decision simple. But, it’s very important to give appropriate consideration to the factors we’ve listed in this report.