Best Violin Shoulder Rest

Shoulder rests are an optional part of the violin, sitting in the shoulder to the base of the violin.

They supply aid, helping to maintain the violin up in order for your long left arm doesn’t need to consume the weight as well as moving to audio notes.

There are lots of alternatives for shoulder rest and each has varying degrees of cushioning, foldability, and rigidity.

Just like most other elements of the violin, the shoulder remainder has to feel comfortable to you or you will be miserable when enjoying.

Below are the top 15 best violin shoulder rests predicated on This relies on client satisfaction and cost, in addition to features.

What Are the Best Shoulder Rest for Violin?

1. Kun Original 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Kun Original

The Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rests includes a practical and easy layout that’s based on the manufacturer’s earliest handmade versions. The shoulder rest can be corrected in three unique directions.

In addition, the end members are fitted with a different locking apparatus to be certain it won’t ever touch the violin.

Owing to the comfy fit and feel, the violin shoulder rest is suggested for amateurs and professional players alike.

2. AcoustaGrip Concert Master Shoulder Rest Level 1 Charcoal

AcoustaGrip Concert Master

This shoulder rest sticks without glue or clamps and won’t harm the varnish onto the device.

Produced from specific acoustical materials that improve audio whilst at the same time providing relaxation.

The ergonomic layout puts the violin’s position in the preferred angle to get sound projection. Fits easily inside tool case.

Safeguards your neck, neck and collarbone out of soreness. Comes in a variety of sizes such as 4/4, 3/4, and many 1/2sizes from violas and violins.

3. Small Red Sponge for Violin Shoulder Rest

Small Red Sponge for Violin

The Sponge Shoulder Pad is among the best things to use for smaller kids that are starting violin studies. It places just enough padding to help protect their necks and supply aid in holding the violin.

They can easily be attached to little violins using a rubber ring or even tucked beneath the kid’s shirt across the shoulder region.

More than 1 sponge may be used at one time too, which is a fantastic way to add extra height when a kid needs that while increasing.

4. Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest

Fiddlerman Wood Violin

Fiddlerman is a world-famous firm known best for quality, affordability and higher longevity. The version mentioned is one of their most promising versions of violin shoulder rests.

Should you aim to purchase a strong model for long-term usage, this one could be an excellent option.

The woody body backs a hot resonance, and ultimate excellent foam cushioning adds to additional comfort and support. It includes toes for adjusting the elevation so you may enjoy a flawless match.

The size dimensions are x 1.5 x 2.5 inches. Additionally, total fat is just 2.4 ounces. The toes included are collapsible and also you can conveniently save them on your violin case.

5. Everest ES4PU ES Series 4/4 Violin Adjustable Shoulder Rest

Everest ES4PU ES Series

The Everest ES Series Shoulder Rest is among the most well-known alternatives for violin shoulder rests.

They have a long-standing standing of quality goods, ensuring relaxation when playing for extended intervals.

The Everest ES is specially designed to match the curve of the shoulder for supreme comfort and range of motion for play.

The Everest ES Series Shoulder Rest consists of ABS substances, which can be both flexible and durable, which makes the Everest ES Series Shoulder Rests as adaptable as you can for any level of player.

The bottoms of this Everest ES Series Shoulder Rest are made from a softer material, which can be a slip and wear-resistant, which means that your violin is completely shielded as you utilize the shoulder break.

The legs can also be flexible, so the Everest ES Series Shoulder Rest is ideal for younger gamers.

6. Bonmusica 4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Bonmusica 4/4 Violin

Together with relaxation, a participant who chooses for a shoulder rest should also think of the build quality.

The remainder must be hardy enough to withstand lengthy rehearsals and performances. The Bonmusica is a full-sized break created for regular 4/4 violins.

It’s on the pricy side for gamers that know what they’re searching for.

This remainder from Bonmusica is constructed to last and includes a gently padded and curved foundation.

The end members comprise easy and sturdy locks which guarantee minimum contact with this tool.

The Bonmusica remainder is height, width, in addition to curve flexible, which makes it among the most flexible choices on the market. In addition, it can be set up on left-handed violins.

7. Wolf Forte Primo Violin Shoulder Rest

Wolf Forte Primo Violin

Wolf’s shoulder rests are great for beginner or early intermediate level players. They have a very simple design which permits the stage to adapt to the curve of the shoulder and many height adjustments for your legs.

They’re ideal for those who have long necks due to the flexibility in the form and elevation of the shoulder break.

The cushioning doesn’t come in contact with the rear of the violin, so it does not affect the sound in any way.

8. EVEREST Spring Collection Violin Shoulder Rest

EVEREST Spring Collection Violin

The Everest Blue ES Series Violin Shoulder Rest is a familiar tool which might be used by novices and players alike.

It’s created to get 4/4 violins, but in addition, it functions for 3/4 violins once the remainder is corrected.

It is available in a blue colour to increase the equipment total aesthetic.

The shoulder rest is simple to install and adapt to suit individual tastes. What’s more, it’s also able to match on the device very well.

9. Mach One 3/4-4/4 Violin Maple Wood Shoulder Rest

Mach One 3/4

Here’s a fantastic version made by Mach One, that will be a renowned firm.

The newest bargains in violin shoulder rest, and also the one contained here the comfiest version, and it’s one of the best sellers.

It’s strongly constructed to make sure a long-term usage for your growing violinists.

The remainder is handmade with natural walnut wood, as well as the S-shaped structural layout is produced by remembering the simplicity of gamers.

In any case, the feet comprised are made from pure nylon that makes certain your violin stays scratch-free. The dimensions measurements are 8.8 x 2.6 x 0.1 inches. What’s more, it carries 2.4 oz weight.

10. Playonair Duo Violin Shoulder Rest

Playonair Duo Violin

This version includes a padded plastic frame using a height degree of 1 1/4 inches. Extra pads may be fitted to include the needed height.

Like the first version, this shoulder rest is more inflatable that provides thicker cushioning in your shoulder.

Additionally, it will come with elastic straps so it is possible to put the padding wherever it’s by far the most comfortable when playing.

11. Portland Gold Violin Shoulder Rest

Portland Gold Violin

The Portland Gold Violin Shoulder Rests includes a high-density composite structure for optimum durability and durability.

Its solid mounts with tasteful gold-brass screws can be adjusted to suit personal tastes. What’s more, it comes with an ergonomic curvature that offers comfort and assistance to any piano player.

Its moulded rubber toes comprise steel reinforcement. The shoulder rests includes a gorgeous golden brown finish to match the colour of any normal violin. Owing to its structure and design, the shoulder rest is constructed to last quite a while.

12. Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest

Viva La Musica Artist Violin

Have a look at this magnificent Artist shoulder break exhibited by Viva La Musica. It’s constructed from walnut wood, and also the metal fittings are gold plated.

What’s more, the hardware is plain black, and the remainder is amazing in outlook.

The Artist remainder is intended to survive long, and it’s acceptable for both the 3/4 and 4/4 size violins.

The dimensions measurements are 7.5 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches, and the entire weight is 2.88 ounce. The solid structural makeup makes the version worth spending a little money.

13. Wolf Forte Secundo 3/4-4/4 Violin Shoulder Rest

Wolf Forte Secundo 3/4

The Wolf Forte Secundo Violin Shoulder Rests comprises a huge rubber-padded pub that’s comfy when putting against the shoulder.

Its angle and height might be adjusting nicely to fulfil the requirements of each violin player. Consequently, it’s considered as one of the most flexible shoulders rests on the marketplace.

It’s also designed to match on violins using 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Having a flexible metallic backing, it might be shaped and contoured to accommodate individual differences.

14. Playonair Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest

Playonair Deluxe Violin

Playonair produces highly durable, and well-structured shoulder rests at reasonable prices. This Deluxe violin shoulder rest is extremely acceptable for people who have a brief neck.

It’s designed to be flexible so you can change the elevation depending on your convenience.

The dimensions measurements include 7.9 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches, and the weight will be just 2.4 ounces.

The Playonair shoulder rest is quite comfy on the shoulder and beginners would really like to make use of it.

Catch this shoulder rest, it will hold the violin set up and allow you to concentrate on your performance rather than tackling the violin.

15. ammoon Violin Shoulder Rest

ammoon Violin

Have a look at this magnificent model of violin shoulder rest exhibited by Ammoon that’s notorious for producing high-quality musical accessories and instruments.

Here’s a great version of shoulder rest for the 3/4 and 4/4 violins. The solid walnut wood backs the durability and adds to the visual appeal.

The rubber feet inserted prevents the violin out of scrapes.

It gives stable and easy placement of your violin also makes it easy for you to play since a soft foam pad has been added.

The prices are fair also. Its dimensions measurements are 8.7 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches. In addition, the violin shoulder rest is more lightweight and includes only 7 oz.


The same as a fantastic violin body, fantastic strings, plus a comfy stool or seat, among the very best shoulder rests, can assist you hugely on your violin playing pursuit by saving you a good deal of spine, shoulder, and neck pain in the future, in addition, to give you a much better posture and much more flexibility whilst enjoying.

We’ve included the best and most dependable alternatives of violin shoulder rest from several brands.

Much like for purchasing any musical instrument and accessories, the most crucial aspect to remember when buying a violin shoulder rest would be your structural advantage.

When there are other alternatives on the market, this listing may offer you a fantastic idea of the place to begin your hunt and the best way to look for in a violin shoulder rest.