The Cremona SV-800 Violin

In this review, we’ll discuss the Cremona SV-800 and all its features, along with the pros and cons for you to evaluate if this is the best violin for you.

Are you looking for a beginner or intermediate violin with a rich, full sound that you’ll use for years without having to make frequent upgrades to a next-level instrument while still developing your skills to their full potential?

In that case, the Cremona SV-800 is the best violin for your needs.

The Cremona SV-800 Violin Reviews


  • Antique design.
  • High-quality parts and accessories.
  • Produces a rich, warm sound.
  • An immense range of tones.
  • Great playability.
  • Already stringed with Thomastik Dominant strings.


  • It doesn’t come with a shoulder rest.

The features of the Cremona SV-800 violin are surprisingly marvelous, and this instrument was made for devoted beginners and intermediate violinists who want to increase their potential.

Writing this review was a little tough because the violin itself has almost no imperfections and is unique to the extent that it can’t be compared to the violins of the same level or price.

The Design and Materials

Its appearance is almost the same as that of violins from a few centuries ago, with a golden brown finish and manually-applied varnish.

Usually, manually-applied varnish violins are very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars, but with this violin, you’ll get that very deluxe look for a much more convenient price.

The wood used for this violin is years old, so it will respond better to the vibrations of the strings and produce a high-quality sound.

The whole body of the Cremona SV-800 violin is hand-carved and decorated with a purfled inlay.

The front is made of spruce wood that has been fine-grained, thus eliminating scratches, while the back and sides are made of durable maple wood.

The fingerboard is made of ebony, while the violin fittings (pegs, tailpiece, and endpin) are made of either ebony or high-quality boxwood.

The neck and scroll are also made of maple wood. The tailpiece and the Stradivarius style chin rest have the same antique color as the violin.

The four fine-quality tuners on the tailpiece are integrated and easy to control. We found that they don’t unwind or slack easily, but instead stay put so you won’t need to tune up your instrument frequently – this somewhat puts a violinist’s mind at ease.

The bridge of the violin is a good-quality Aubert bridge made in France and we didn’t feel like we needed to replace it to improve its quality.

The height of the bridge and the positioning are just right because the strings are properly set apart.

We had no trouble while pressing the strings, even on the highest spot. Therefore, we conclude that the playability is great and easy.

The Strings

The Cremona SV-800 violin comes with already equipped high-quality Thomastik Dominant strings. Its sound is strong, clear and has warm and rich undertones owing to the aged wood which it’s made of.

The tone potential and range is fascinating. You won’t feel held back by the violin’s imperfections but will rather be backed up in every way and be driven to develop your skills to the level of a professional violinist.

The volume might not be strong enough for a solo performance, but instead for an orchestra one, so if you want an even stronger sound, we suggest upgrading to more powerful strings and the sound of the violin will develop into a much more prominent one.

The Bow and Case

The Cremona SV-800 violin also comes with other accessories: a bow and case. The violin bow is made of good-quality Pernambuco wood with high-quality horsehair and an ebony frog.

Regarding the violin case, it’s a lightweight oblong-shaped case of superb quality. The interior is lined with a well-padded plush and it comes with a matching blanket.

We found it good enough to protect the violin from damaging and the case itself is sturdy (the handles are strong and the zipper will not open when pulled, etc).

To sum up, the Cremona SV-800 is the best acoustic violin for both beginners and intermediate violinists.

Its features will let you develop and enhance your abilities without being pulled back by the violin’s deficiencies, for there are almost none.

We warmly recommend this violin to people who haven’t played in years and know what a good quality instrument is.

Not only will this violin follow you through your beginner to professional transition, but it’ll certainly remain your favorite.

Other Cremona Line SV Violins

In comparison to the Cremona SV-800, the Cremona SV-130 is like a much younger sibling. With a modern finish and the weight of a feather, this violin works best as a student violin for very young violinists.

And as for the Cremona SV-175, it’s an advanced student violin with a rich, strong and clear tone in which you can adjust to any music style.

Both violins will follow you to your mid-intermediate days, but only the Cremona SV-800 will take you much further and give every feature of its siblings with an immense boost – a stronger, warmer and cleaner sound, a bigger range of tones, richer undertones, etc.