Best Donner Guitar Pedals

As a musician who loves pedals, I’m always looking to get a good deal when I’m purchasing a product.

When I heard about Donner pedals, I was impressed by the affordability and great tone.

Now that I have experience with this brand, I’m going to tell you about the best Donner guitar pedal models.

What Is the Best Pedal for Donner Guitar?

#1: Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Analog Delay

Donner Yellow Fall Vintage

This is a great pedal for musicians who are looking for a vintage rock and roll sound effect. Delay pedals take your audio signal and repeat it back to you as many times as you choose.

This delay pedal is great for musicians who have a lot of gear to carry because it’s really lightweight and won’t take up a lot of space on your pedalboard. You’ll have an Echo knob, a Feedback knob, and a Time knob.

The echo is your intensity knob, the feedback knob will allow you to choose how many times you hear the echo, and the time know will let you select the amount of space between each repeat

You can also read more about this model in this article.

#2: Donner Booster Boost Pedal

Donner Booster Boost Pedal

This is a pure analog circuit boost pedal, which is great for musicians who want to give their guitar some extra presence. Like the Yellow Fall, this model has three control knobs.

Your Tone knob will allow you to set the brightness of your sound. This is a great feature because too much brightness can be an issue in heavier rock-based genres.

The Gain knob will allow you to adjust your boost intensity. Your volume knob will then be used to adjust the output signal.

#3: Donner Metal Head Distortion Pedal

Donner Metal Head Distortion Pedal

This pedal has three knobs and is designed very similar to the boost pedal above.

Your Tone knob will allow you to adjust the brightness, your Gain knob will then alter the overall gain or intensity of the distortion, and your Volume knob will determine the output level.

Boost pedals and distortion pedals have a lot in common, which is why the same features appear on both pedals. In a nutshell, distortion pedals are just a more intense overdrive pedal.

#4: Donner Ripple Classic Tremolo Pedal

Donner Ripple Classic

Donner modulation pedals are another great way to achieve awesome sound effects without breaking the bank.

Tremolo pedals rapidly adjust the volume of your output signal and work great in blues music.

The three knobs on this pedal will let you fine-tune your sound. The Speed knob will allow you to adjust how fast the volume is being adjusted.

The Color knob will then allow you to experiment with different brightness levels. Finally, your Depth knob can be used to adjust the intensity of the tremolo effect.

#5: Donner Tiny Looper Pedal

Since this is a looper pedal, it’s one of the most simple Donner pedal’s to use. Looper pedals play audio back to you over and over again in a loop.

This will allow you to build harmonies or practice improvisation.

This pedal will give you ten minutes of loop time. As the name suggests, this pedal is super tiny and will fit well on any pedalboard.

It’s size also makes it great for traveling musicians who don’t want to lug large gear around.

This pedal just has a Level knob but has three other settings that you can use to fine-tune your loops: ½ Speed, Normal, and Reverse.

#6: Donner Tube Drive Overdrive Pedal

Donner Tube Drive Overdrive Pedal

The Donner Tube Drive pedal is another tiny pedal that will take up next to no space on your pedalboard.

Like a lot of other Donner pedals, this model has three knobs: Volume, Gain, and Tone.

Use your gain control to affect the intensity of your overdrive.

Remember that an overdrive pedal is like a less intense distortion pedal, so if you’re turning the gain up all the way and still aren’t happy with the sound, you might need to research other types of pedals.

Your tone knob will affect your brightness, and your volume knob will affect the level of the output signal.

If you want to read more about what John Mayer has said about finding a balance between the gain and volume controls, check out this article.

#7: Donner Wave Analog Delay Pedal

 Donner Wave Analog Delay Pedal

This is another tiny pedal with a noticeable effect. This pedal has quite a natural echo, which is great for musicians who prefer more traditional, less obscure effects.

This pedal has a Level, Time, and Feedback knob.

You can control the volume with the Level knob, the time between repeats with the Time knob, and the number of repeats with the Feedback knob.

You can also alternate between a normal delay and a modulation delay by using the toggle switch at the top of the device.

 #8: Donner Compressor Pedal

Donner Compressor Pedal

In my opinion, compressor pedals are a must-have for any musician. These pedals will balance your signal and work well in any genre of music.

The Donner Compressor Pedal offers an affordable way to fine tune your music.

You’ll have three knobs, including a Comp knob that will control the intensity of the compression.

This pedal is great because it also as a Tone knob, so you’ll be able to adjust the degree to which you hear extreme frequencies.

Once you’re happy with your effects, you can use your Level knob to adjust the volume.

Pedal #9: Donner Stylish Fuzz Pedal

Donner Stylish Fuzz Pedal

This pedal really impressed me because of its great sound quality despite its affordable price and small size.

This pedal doesn’t detract from the tone of your guitar, which is often a concern for many musicians who use fuzz pedals.

This model has three control knobs: Volume, Tone, and Sustain.

The most extreme settings of your Sustain knob will give you a really heavy fuzz tone, so if you like heavy rock genres, this might be a great pick for you.

 #10: Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal

Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal

I love to use chorus pedals because they give my sound a dreamy, surreal quality.

These pedals are meant to mimic a human chorus, so the pitches will vary slightly to mirror natural human variation.

The Donner Tutti Love pedal is nice and compact and has three knobs: Level, Rate, and Depth.

Your Rate setting will allow you to change your speed of oscillation, and the Depth knob will control the intensity of the effect.

Imagine that the lower settings of your depth feature will give you a small choir, and the upper settings will give you a dense choir with many people.

After you’re happy with the effect, use your Level knob to adjust the volume.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of Donner guitar effects pedals. Donner effects pedals are an affordable way to create an unforgettable sound.

With so many pedals on the market, it can be difficult to determine which are affordable but also high quality. Leave a comment if you have any questions and don’t forget to share this article!