Who Are the Members of Sunny Girls
Group Name:Sunny Girls
Agency:SBS Contents Hub
Debut Date: November 27, 2016
Members: Yooa, Nayoung, Eunha, Cheng Xiao, Nancy

About Sunny Girls

Sunny Girls is an obscure side project synthesized by SBS Contents Hub, themselves a digital subsidiary of SBS Entertainment Group. The group consists of five members who are already banded to more permanent music affiliations: Yooa was the main dancer and lead rapper for Sunny Girls and is currently occupying the same post for her current band, Oh My Girl.

Nayoung was a main dancer and rapper for Sunny Girls, and as of now is the lead vocalist for Gugudan. Eunha covered the main vocals for Sunny Girls and presently manages the same position for GFRIEND. Former Main Dancer and Vocalist Cheng Xiao mirrors her position for Cosmic Girls with the added responibility of being the visual and face of the group.

Nancy was a lead vocalist as well as visual/maknae for Sunny Girls with some added obligations as lead dancer and face of the group for her current band MOMOLAND.

The group disbanded in the wake of their single, “TAXI” a promising release that parallels a synth-heavy and cheery 80’s R&B backdrop against the anguish of a heartbroken woman who emphatically seeks asylum from an embattled and unsuccesful former affair that still lingers in her consciousness, hinted by the lyrics, “I Let it remain with a sad ending, so that you’ll be more attracted to me.”

The taxi and it’s driver are a metaphor for escape and romantic reaffirmation, inferred by the lyrics, “Hey Mr. Taxi, take me with you, what you gonna do? Take on me.”

The Inkigayo Music Crush initiative released a subsequent 3rd and 4th promotional single before being disassembled altogether by SBS contents hub. Part 3 being, “Love is More Than Seperation” by Soyou and Junggigo and Part 4 being, “First Christmas” by Red Velvet’s Joy and NCT’s Doyoung on December 18, 2016.


@ yoo__sha / Instagram

Birth Name: Yoo Yeon-joo (later changed to Yoo Shi-ah)

Stage Name: YooA

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Birthday: September 17, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 110 lbs

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @yoo__sha

Yooa Bio

YooA was born in Seoul in the province of Gyeonggi South Korea as the youngest of two. Choreography is a family affair, as her older brother Junsun is a well-established employee of Gangnam’s 1 mil dance studio.

Before her brief debut, Yooa attended Hongyoungjoo Dance Academy and trained for several years under WH entertainment prior to her work with Sunny Girls and current project Oh My Girl. She also was a part of  Girls Next Door, a 7 member ensemble which was materialized from the bandmember’s collaboration on KBS musical variety show Idol Drama Operation Team.

From the group’s inception therein, they would all go on to produce a short lived drama/ reality program concerning the band’s daily exploits and adventures entititled Let’s Only Walk The Flower Road, airing for 8 episodes from June 26 until July 3, 2017. Their one and only single, “Deep blue Eyes” was released 11 days later on July 14.

YooA sports an inconsistent, yet irrevocably charming profile. Her current bandmates tease her for her cuteness and small, doll-like face which sports the distinction of being ranked 23rd in TC Candler’s authoritative listing of ” The 100 most beautiful faces of 2018″;

coupled with disproportionately long and slender appendages,  YooA’s visage betrays  the beholder’s eyes to suggest a woman who is much taller than 5’3″.

She has a quiet and reserved personality, preferring the company of herself and her headphones over most anything else.


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Birth Name: Kim Nayoung

Stage Name: Nayoung

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visualist

Birthday: November 23, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 110 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: kny_951123

Twitter: N/A

Nayoung Bio

Nayoung has a comprehensive education, contrary to most K-Pop stars she has attended and graduated from all four curricular levels: Starting with Seoul Chongmuk Elementary School, Shin Mok-Jung Middle School, Kyungbok Girls’ High School, and finally earning a degree from Baekseok Arts University.

In the meantime, she trained at Born Star Training Academy and under Dream Vocal for two years before her debut with both her current group, Gugudan, and Sunny Girls in Summer 2016.

With respect to other media, she achieved a final ranking of 14 on the Reality Girl Group Survival Show Produce 101, yielding the singles, “Pick Me” in 2015 and “24 Hours” in 2016 during her tenure. Succeeding her reality show success was a cameo on KBS2’s drama, “Sweet Stranger and Me” and an appearance in Vixx’s, “The Closer” ,”Dynamite” and “Fantasy” music videos.

As far as hobbies go, she frequents YouTube, listens to music, and is a talented Jazz singer, among her list of interesting facets. She dislikes heights and rides and is notoriously clumsy.


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Birth Name: Jung Eun Bi

Stage Name: Eunha

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: May 30,1997

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 101 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @rlo.ldl

Eunha Bio

Having been born in Seoul as the youngest of three, Eunha had a fairly typical upbringing save for her diagnosis at the age of seven with langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare cancer involving the cloning and multiplication of abnormal cells which derive from bone marrow and can potentially migrate from skin to lymph nodes.

After her treatment, she went on to attend the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, where she further refined her natural acting and singing abilities. In the next phase of apprenticeship,

she would train with Big Hit entertainment for only a year and under SOURCE music for only two months before making the final cut as a member of her current band, GFRIEND. A year and a half later she would be added on to the Sunny Girls side project.

Independent of her band affiliations, Eunha was only 10 when she acted in the 2007 TV drama “The Clinic For Married Couples: Love and War while still in the throes of her childhood disease, which would not go into total remission until she turned 11.

Her other TV credits would be nearly a decade later as herself in MBC MBig TV’s Web drama Oh My God! Tip and under the alias “Masked Santorini” as part of King of Masked Singer. She also boasts a few singles, starting with 2015’s,

“Han River at Night” featuring Pro C with her follow ups, 2016’s, “Inferiority Complex” ( feat. Park Hyung), “Firefly” (Feat. Hwang Chi Yeul) and “Chemistry”( feat. MC Mong) capturing the 3rd, 88th and 28th positions respectively on the Gaon Music Charts.

Interspersed with her notable singles achievements are several OST’s, her most recognized being 2016’s Don’t Come To Farewell from the Korean adventure/ fantasy series Six Flying Dragons and 2016’s “Love-ing” from the drama Temperature of Love, which captured the 98th and 82nd spots on the Gaon Music Charts.

While not a bonified award-winner, Eunha has cut it very close with a few nominations for her most reputable single, “Inferiority Complex”; procuring the nomination at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Collaboration and Song of the Year.

Therein it would be nominated for best Hip-Hop/ rap single at the Melon Music Awards and for the coveted Digital Bonseng, given to the best digital song that year, at the Golden Disk Awards.

On a distinct personal note, Eunha claims the cross and is a proud Christian in a country where neraly half of its population, or 46.5% claims no religious affiliation. Apart from the gospel, she enjoys cooking good food, particularly mixed noodles, and watching others cook. She loves the Twilight movies and carries with her a very quiet demeanor.

Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao
@ chengxiao_0715 / Instagram

Birth Name: Cheng Xiao

Stage Name: Cheng Xiao

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: July 15, 1998

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5’6″

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: A

Twitter: @chengxiao715

Instagram: chengxiao_0715

Cheng Xiao Bio

Hailing from the Shenzhen province of Guangdong, China Cheng Xiao is the oldest of two, and the most adventurous. The commute to high school itself was 60 miles a day there and back, and at only 16, after having endured an incessant daily pilgrimage,

Cheng Xiao left home to be a trainee while also attending and graduating the Seoul School of Performing Arts in 2016. She was revealed as a member of her Cosmic Girls ( her current band’s) “Wonder Unit” and they made their official debut two months later.

In her solo endeavors, Cheng Xiao has managed to endear Chinese audiences with the allure of her beauty and star power, cllinching the win in the “New Force Idol” category at the 2017 Chinese Music Awards as well as the distinction of “Annual Youthful Beautiful Idol” at the 2018 Cosmo Beauty Ceremony.

En route to her future accolades, she recorded four singles; 2016’s Taxi being her nominal with Sunny Girls, proceeded by 2017’s Confession Song( ft. Meng Meiqi and Wu Xanyi), 2018’s “The Shadow of The Shark”( ft. Wang Yibo), which peaked at No.9 on the Chinese Billboard Chart, and 2018’s, “If Love” for the XuanYuan Sword OST.

As an actor, she was first cast in SBS Law of the Jungle and KBS 2’s Swan Club. From that point she acquired future roles in 2018’s Best Friend’s Perfect World, Brave World, and Pajama Friends with a standalone position as a dance mentor in iQuiyi’s Idol Producer and her most recent accreditation in Tencent’s TV drama One More Try.

Well known for her choreography, Cheng Xiao specializes in traditional Chinese dance. What is unbeknownst to most are her profound gymnastics skills which constructed her physical and mental foundation for sustained success.

Gifted with an array of unusual physical attributes, including the ability to back flip without the use of her hands, Cheng Xiao won gold at the 2016 Idol Star Athletic Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics and enjoys pushing the envelope of her physical limits, preferring skydiving with her band mates over the more traditional route of hanging out, eating and watching TV.

Transitioning to a slightly more personal aside, Cheng Xiao is deceptively quiet in the public eye but very talkative in private and she plays the Guzheng, the Chinese equivalent to the American Dulcimer, in her spare time.


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Birth Name: Nancy Jewel McDonie

Stage Name: Nancy

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Birthday: April 13, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5’3″

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @ nancyjewel_mcdonie_

Nancy Bio

Born in Daegu, South Korea to an American father and Korean Mother, Nancy comes from a unique ethnic background in relation to her contemporaries. She is the youngest of two, and her sister is also musically involved, albeit as a cellist.

From her formative years, she has always been an actress and model; and with TC Candler ranking her #18 on, “The 100 most beautiful faces of 2018”, the outside world seems to have confirmed the validity of her predilections.

Prior to her engagement with Momoland, Nancy formed a hip-hop dance group called Cutie Pies whom went on to audition on Korea’s Got Talent. From that point, she went into six years of training with NEGA network and was inducted into Momoland’s final lineup on November 10, 2016. Seventeen days later, she was conversely introduced into Sunny Girls final lineup.

There are a few solo projects to her credit, she made an appearance in SNUPER’s “Stand By Me” MV and in MC GREE’s Music Video “Dangerous” and as an actress she was cast in the web series Tooniverse Nangnam School Season 2 with an additional role in the web music drama Thumb Light. On daytime TV she had a hosting stint on the musical variety show Pops In Seoul from March 27, 2017 until June 1, 2018.

Nancy’s personal preferences include, but are not limited to, watching movies and singing Disney OST’s, eating cheesy food(an aside to her western heritage- most easterners are lactose intolerant) and anything with mint chocolate.

She is fluent in English, but prefers the language of her fellow countrymen and her current favorite color is blue, whereas it used to be burgundy. She is buoyed by a motto of humility and appreciation warning to “Not lose the opportunities that you receive”.