1.  It is a productive past-time!

There is a lot of work that goes into being productive on a daily basis, it would be miles of fun added if you could find a task that lets you enjoy yourself while you are at it.

Learning the guitar is not just a cool way to pass the time, you get to pick up some useful skills that you can call to when there is a social event that is begging for a fun element to it, or serenade the apple of your eye with the help of your well-practiced fingers

2. It boosts your brain power

Learning the guitar tabs and chords is an arduous process that requires you to use your brain immensely. You have to get used to placing your fingers correctly on the frets, the neck of the guitar, and strumming at just the right tempo to keep coordination and the rhythm of the song- while interpreting the sound by ear.

Taking online guitar lessons is beneficial to your mental well being and development, as the cognitive ability increases as you develop new connections in the neural pathways that allow you to remember the chords and songs within a short amount of time.

3. Improves Synchronization

This applies mostly when you have a playing partner or more- or are part of a band that plays a wide array of instruments sequentially. Playing in a band demands to incorporate with your technique and timing while playing the guitar.

Waiting or queuing in a partner will become a norm as you play together to make up different parts of a song or composition. An ability to be considerate coupled with a taste for timing will help you to play well with others musically and in overall everyday life too.

4 . It helps you to pay more attention

The intuition gained from improvising the chords as you compliment sounds with others make you more attentive. Finding the right sounds to conduct a great sounding piece of music is a locomotive movement- one guitar tab feeds into the other progressively, demanding that you are perfectly attuned to the depth of the strings and the arrangements of the tabs to build the fitting chords that maintain the rhythm of the art piece.

This further translates into mindfulness that can be carried through into other tasks that seek the utmost of your attention.

It helps you to pay more attention

5 . Develop Discipline & Devotion

Playing the guitar and other musical instruments are akin to having a job. Learning to master this skill or just be a decent player is going to take you a great deal of time and investment.

It is easy to quit and jump on to the next easiest instrument to play or a hobby to fill your time with- but if you are old enough to know how the world works, you know that discipline is the key to which the gates of prosperity are opened. You might as well learn the cornerstone of success while playing the guitar and having a good time with friends- so that you can carry it through to other disciplines you plan to be
successful in.

6. A great way to make some money

This is literally having the world in the palm of your hands. Professional studio guitarists who rely on strings to put bread on their family’s tables make an average of about $40000 to $70000 per year as the starting salary.

In some cases, you can make about $400 for just 15 minutes of work playing your guitar. You can also gain more by getting royalty money for your compositions as either a session musician, making advertisement/TV jingles, scoring for movies and anything else pertaining to that sort of payment option.

7. Become the center of attention

Carrying a guitar on your back is the closest as I’ve been with getting ladies without effort, as being a movie star would appeal to the opposite sex. I was moving out of my parent’s place and had no transport money for the movers left after paying rent (hard times).

I was just dressed casually, without anything that would constitute to having a rocker ensemble on to add to my image. I had to carry it on my back the whole of the 2-mile walk of unwelcomed attention. I was greeted with smiles, catcall and stopped by girls from my departure until I got to my new place with the utmost relief.

Become the center of attention

Songs were requested, numbers were forced on me- but I held strong. Unlike me, you can take advantage of this opportunity by sharpening your skills with online guitar lessons, donning some fashionable biker jacket and jeans to go with your guitar and voila!