Best Double Neck Guitar

Double neck guitars most commonly have 12 strings onto the top neck and 6 strings on the lower neck.

This allows guitarists to easily transition involving the chorus like the sound of the 12 series and also the classic tone of a 6 series.

Many guitarists have sufficient battle with one neck. But there are instances when you may have to play guitar and bass at precisely the same tune or play delicate fingerpicked intros onto a 12 series, and stone with a great large Rockin’ Guitar Solo on that 6-string in the long run.

Some utilized a double-neck for unique tunings, some used the multi-necked guitar as a novelty to bring out to get a tune or two at the group.

This is my listing of double-neck guitar that motivated players to not just push guitar style, but actually playing in numerous directions.

What is the Best Double Neck Guitar?

1. Dean GS DBL WBS Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Dean GS DBL WBS Solid-Body

This double neck guitar has an amazing layout that can’t remain unnoticed.

With mahogany top, torso, and throat, as well as a rosewood fingerboard, not just relaxation, is guaranteed but durability as well.

Anyhow, the guitar has 22 jumbo frets and pearl GS dot inlays for superior orientation through these frets. The guitar comes from a brownish color, and its appearance is unmatchable.

Additionally, for the greater playability, there are dual sharp cutaways. All these cutaways will tremendously ease solo parts and reach greater frets overall.

If it comes to the technical part, there’s chrome hardware that includes Grover tuners and Tune-O-Matic bridges.

On the other hand, there are DMT string pickups wired right into a 3-way change and dual master volume and tone controls. That will create only top-notch audio.

The guitar weighs just 10 lbs. Carrying it around will probably be a piece of cake.

Also, it makes a difference in regards to playing it while still standing. No back issues will be caused by this guitar.

2. Ovation Celebrity Collection 6 String Electric Guitar

Ovation Celebrity Collection

This amazing double-neck guitar includes case and tuner. It can be very handy for having those products. You will easily carry your guitar around, and with tuner itself, you can maintain it in-tune.

Anyhow, the guitar has one throat with 12 strings, and other with 6. It’s an electric/acoustic guitar that comes from the spruced shirt and Ruby red burst end.

What’s more, the unique bracing pattern will offer clear resonance. Also, in regards to the fretboard, the material is rosewood.

That will drastically increase playability and comfort.

As you may be aware, playing with the guitar can be painful (at the start ), therefore having maximum relaxation that you can get is rather a big deal.

3. Zenison Double Neck Electric Guitar White 12 String & 6 String

Zenison Double Neck Electric Guitar

In a strange way, this guitar seems awesome. It’s an absolute white-albino color. Custom painted neck and headstock match body color.

For the security of the human body, there’s a white Pearloid pickguard. It’ll maintain your guitar’s body safe from scratches.

Additionally, the two necks have 22 frets. The top neck has 12 strings and great, rich audio. On the other hand, there’s an underside neck with 6 strings and a vintage style tremolo.

The twelve series throat has a repaired the bridge and that is the largest gap between both.

There are dual cutaways so as to increase the playability of the amazing instrument. Without them, a guitarist could have problems playing with those high notes.

4. Epiphone Limited Edition G-1275 Custom Double Neck Electric Guitar

Epiphone Limited Edition G-1275

This double-neck electrical guitar has a great appearance and first-class materials. It is available in white color with black parts as a great contrast.

Anyhow, one neck includes 12-strings, and the alternative is that the standard 6-string neck.

Having both may ease fast switch between distinct tuning as well as distinct audio color. It has a good body and a fingerboard made from rosewood.

What’s more, these materials will drastically increase the durability of the Epiphone limited edition guitar.

The guitar has top-quality tuners that will amplify noise beautifully, and maintain that natural noise.

Additionally, for a double-neck electric guitar, this one has quite a wonderful weight. With just 15.2 lbs, the guitar is a member of an ultra-lightweight category.

5. 6/12 Acoustic electric double-neck guitar with cutway and EQ

6/12 Acoustic electric double-neck

With spruce body, maple neck, spruce back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard, the durability of the guitar is tremendously increased.

Anyhow, these materials are the most frequent in the guitar-manufacturing planet, and they have shown quality.

This acoustic/electric guitar has a dual throat. One has 12 strings while the other is using standard 6 strings.

Having these two necks can ease the entire process of shifting guitars through one position, or perhaps one song. Additional there’s one sharp cutaway for the neck.

That cutaway will help a great deal in regards to the upper notes, soloing or improvisation.

With this amazing guitar, you’ll find a completely free major bag. Anyhow, the guitar is a little heavier than the standard double-neck guitar. It has 15.43 lbs.


As far as anyone knows, double-neck guitars have been around as long as the guitar itself.

Even still, guitars with more than one neck have always been a bit of a fascination, but never the standard.

The far majority of players appear to have more than enough in their hands only working one pair of strings.

Many players, it appears, require more. So while we may take multi-neck guitars granted as only novelties, the origins of the presence, like many innovations, lie in demand.

The impetus to get a guitar with more than one pair of strings is located in just two demands: tone and pruning. The player requires either an alternate pitch or sound from the main instrument.