Searching for the best flamenco guitar may be a challenging task because of the several brands and various styles available on the marketplace.

If you’re having trouble surfing the internet market place searching for the best flamenco guitar, then search no more.

There are a number of important elements to take into consideration when buying your very first flamenco or classical guitar.

The most significant part, however, will be to think about what you buy for the price. What can you buy for under $1000?

Fortunately for us, you will find the best flamenco guitar producers who have attracted these sorts of high-end acoustic tools to advertise at a cost that’s affordable for most budgets.

Heres examine what I think is the best acoustic guitar in this price-point.

What are the Best Flamenco Guitars?

1. Cordoba F7 Paco Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba F7 Paco Acoustic

The F7 Paco guitar includes a cedar top and laminate rosewood back and sides. Cedar is a softer wood than spruce, which is frequently discovered on steel-string acoustic guitars.

Cedar has an extremely sensitive reaction, and is considerably more prevalent on ancient guitars: it responds well to mild playing, and less well to heavy strumming.

It’s a hot, dark tone. It is not bright, but this guitar still offers the lightweight structure and stylings of a flamenco guitar.

Here is a demonstration of this F7 with a fantastic mic, and it seems fantastic. Nice full sound, warming up the Typical brightness you’d expect from flamenco guitar:

2. Cordoba GK Studio Negra Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

 Cordoba GK Studio Negra

The Cordoba GK Studio is categorized as a top-quality gigging tool designed using a strong European spruce top, together with a rear and side Indian rosewood.

The GK Studio is a nylon string guitar that accompanies a gentle and cutaway and Fishman Presys Blend pickup.

The guitar is created for the point and the structure contains a slender neck, body thickness, using a nut width a great deal more than a conventional guitar.

The neck area was made in such a manner that it provides very little if any relief, thereby supplying low activity for ease of play and relaxation.

For many flamenco fans, this version provides a strong and deep bass, using a stronger tone that runs against the snappy and glowing sound of additional flamenco guitars.

For all those guitarists seeking to bring an excess tone into the repertoire will trust the GK Studio Negra to perform the job.

With its timeless tone-wood mix and comfy contour, this Cordoba version is the ideal selection for an ideal exploration of these principles in sound that could only be obtained using straps.

The GK Studio also has a two-dimensional truss pole integrated into the throat.

The guitar also has a rosewood fingerboard, a bridge, along with a high gloss finish. Additionally, it has a deluxe gig bag.

3. Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

Yamaha CG172SF

The Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar is a low priced, great sounding tool that will make it possible for you to get your foot in the doorway.

It has the normal wood a flamenco tool uses: a solid spruce top, and in addition, it comes with a cypress back and sides, a nato neck, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

If you are simply thinking you’d love to begin playing with flamenco, and you have been employing a classical guitar, then you begin to understand that the audio is somewhat different.

If that is not working for you, this guitar will make the difference.

4. Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic-Electric Thinbody Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic

The Cordoba 55FCE is a lean body guitar design to give comfort for the participant, which makes it feasible for them to shake out in a vertical position (among other places ).

The guitar is acceptable for all 3 styles of audio retention and control, which makes the Cordoba 55FCA a somewhat convenient guitar.

Reputation as an ultimate cross-over nylon string guitar, the 55FCA is notable because of its strong spruce to style paired with a gorgeous rear and sides flamed maple.

The guitar includes a gorgeous wood mix together with the slender body design makes it a superb choice for exploring nuances inherent in noises that could only be recorded using straps.

The Spanish cedar neck includes a two-way built-in truss rod which produces the beck just ideal.

The Cordoba 55FCE is broad enough to accommodate fresh chording but it’s also narrower compared to a conventional flamenco or classical guitar.

The electronics involving the EQ, piezo pick-up along with the onboard mic are simply awesome, with their assortment of configurations that match the different personality.

The capacity of the participant to mix between piezo and mic empowers him to pinpoint the tone that is needed.

5. Alhambra 6 String Acoustic Flamenco Guitar

Alhambra 6 String

The Alhambra Acoustic Flamenco Guitar includes a Fishman electronics program along with a cutaway. But boy is that a gorgeous guitar.

The Alhambra has a spruce top, mahogany sides and back, and a rosewood fingerboard.

Additionally, it has a cutaway body so you are able to play the very significant notes, but it doesn’t have strap pins therefore that it’s not intended to be played while standing up.

It’s a thinner neck compared to normal classical and flamenco guitars, so this is sort of gets the best of both worlds — enjoying this neck might feel like a steel chain instrument neck.

The Fishman system also includes a built-in tuner.

This guitar, with the Cordoba GK, isn’t a pure flamenco tool, so if that is what you are after, this isn’t the one for you.

But if you’re planning to play some country music or folk stone for an audience, then this may be right up your street.

6. Cordoba Solista Flamenca Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba Solista Flamenca Acoustic

Cordoba proceeds to roll out strong versions of its premium excellent guitar constructed, and also the Solista is another fantastic version from this popular manufacturer.

The Cordoba Solista includes a Cypress back and sides paired using a durable and strong European spruce top under excellent craftsmanship.

The Solista is lightweight and is a guitar that’s handmade in Spain, made by the very same people who are accountable for the construction tools for the planet hottest Gipsy Kings.

The binding and bridge of this Cordoba Solista made of Indian rosewood. Along with the very low lightweight and action, capacity ensure comfortable and easy playability for your intermediate and skilled player.

The Cordoba Solista as a nylon string guitar is an excellent guitar complete, and it includes a humid case shield for simple carriage.

7. Kremona Rosa Morena Nylon string flamenco guitar

Kremona Rosa Morena

Kremona Guitars are manufactured in Bulgaria, and also the business was established in 1924. The Rosa Morena version is their version coming in under $1000, and it is a wonder.

It features two obvious select guards around the very best, both above and beneath the strings.

It is correct that flamenco guitarists using their fingernails and lively music may bang a guitar up, so if you are a participant that tends to actually play hard, possibly that attribute will bring you.

The top is solid spruce, along with the back and sides are mahogany. The neck is constructed from cedar, and that is something you do not see too frequently, and the fingerboard is ebony.

8. Angel Lopez CF1246 S Flamenco Guitar

Angel Lopez CF1246

If you’re interested in finding an alternate flamenco guitar that’s cheap but owning fantastic quality; the Angel Lopez CF246 S Flamenco Guitar should serve that goal.

The Angel Lopez CF1246 S is a flamenco guitar very similar to other versions that come with a natural high gloss finish and a solid wood top.

While the shirt is constructed from solid spruce, the trunk, sides, and body are constructed from top excellent cypress timber, even as the throat is constructed from mahogany.

Headstock veneer and the bridge of this Angel Lopez are made of rosewood whereas the soundhole is crafted out of wood inlay.

The entire body binding and the back strip is excellent, being made maple/rosewood.

The machine mind writes of tortoise shell-button and traditional gold plated design, using a pure high gloss finish.

Concerning playability, the Angel Lopez sounds really decent and is more comfortable to play, particularly for the price and manufacturer-new.

The intonation is really great and is a great sound to get a great flamenco setup Scaling 660 millimeters may put some players off.

9. Prudencio Saez PS-15-S Flamenco Guitar

Prudencio Saez PS-15-S

That is a lower-priced version by Prudencio, similar in several ways into the PS-22, also in my study that the only difference I could find is that the fingerboard — that the 22 comes with an African ebony fingerboard, that’s the most wanted wood, which includes a rosewood fingerboard.

Ebony is famous for being so dim it is practically black, providing excellent contrast with the silver blossom. The rosewood is redder/browner.

Prudencio can also be known by the different forms of their ornamentation on the mind, a satisfying embellishment.

10. Cordoba GK Pro Negra Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba GK Pro Negra

The Cordoba GK Guru Signature is a variant similar in type into the Cordoba Gk Studio Acoustic-Electric Guitar that’s also constructed build for the point.

As its name suggests, the GK Guru Signature is a lightweight, thin body, flamenco guitar which accompanies higher quality.

All those accessories make the playing experience considerably more comfort for your participant.

In the neck area, the guitar is layout using mahogany and includes a remarkable ebony tailored fingerboard layout.

Known for its signature sound spruce layout, coupled with a gorgeous rear and sides rosewood; the GK Guru Twist with stripes is a gorgeous wood mix together with the slim body design makes it the most superb selection for many classical guitarists.

The noises are incredible as well as the nylon strings are exceptionally reactive.

The Cordoba GK Guru Signature, such as its sister variations, has a great deal of clean chording capacity, but it is also narrower compared to a traditional flamenco guitar.

The Pro-blend onboard Fishman Prefix electronics part which comprises the 3-band EQ, when integrated with an amplifier; creates a wonderful degree of intonation.


For centuries, classical and flamenco guitars are an indispensable part of several societies. Everything from the substances used as part of the development.

Should you want to have the option of enjoying varied fashions. Cutting edge flamenco is the most likely that the best bet. But on the off probability that you incline toward the greater action.

And also the smooth sound of a classical guitar. Yet want to try distinctive fashions too, it is possible to just combine globes later.