Best Free Guitar Learning Apps

These days, with the dawn of handheld smartphones numerous apps are constantly being made available for users.

They range from French learning apps from musical instrument learning apps – almost all every kind of apps are now at the disposal of smartphone users.

Whatever you want to learn, it is there and it is becoming simpler day by day.

Guitar apps are also becoming more and more available as the days are passing by.

Among the musical instrument apps, guitar learning apps are also becoming handy these days.

It is truly a lovely instrument which not only gives you pleasure but also you can use it as a mind refresher for yourself and others.

Moreover, with the help of these apps, you can also be a good teacher through regular practice.

Well, now the point is if you are a beginner and trying to find a way to learn it through some fantastic apps without having to go outside then here are some very effective free apps for you.

These apps are especially suited for beginners.

However, if put to proper use, these free guitar learning apps can also benefit those who want to enhance their skill as well.

We have compiled some of the finest free apps for guitar lovers for the year 2023. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Beginner Guitar Songs

On top of our list, we have an amazing and most effective app called Beginner Guitar by Guitar Jamz.

Teacher Marty Schwartz is a great teacher and has a keen knowledge about guitar. He will teach you all the basics of it with all the names of the strings.

In due course, he will lead you to play some basic song very soon.

Through this fantastic app you can also learn how to tune your guitar & very soon you can also know about basic chords and strumming progressions.

It is a free guitar application which comes with quite a range of features. So don’t be late and start your mission right now. We can assure that you will not be disappointed.

You can download it here.

2. JamPlay

This app has a huge collection of some important and beneficial materials and contains around hundred video lessons.

These video lessons which comes with an exercise library, through which you can sharpen your skill, chord and scale library, riff and lick library, and a fairly large collection of jam tracks.

While this is a fairly good guitar learning app, we think it’s only lacking point is its method of guidance may not be enough for a beginner as its presentation is slightly more complex than most beginners would find quite hard to work with on their own.

Otherwise it really is a nice app all-around and it has a huge combo of guitar lessons and some very valuable learning tools through which you can get some valuable guitar lessons.

In a shell, it is a combination of some very informative materials. Moreover, it will cost you virtually nothing.

You can download the version for Android here.

And for iOS here.​

3. On The Music Path

On the Music Path is another guitar app where you will get the golden chance to view the lessons of some popular performers like Eric Tennant, Jackson Browne and Richard Thompson.

According to our expert opinion, these video lessons are quite satisfactory. It is another free app for learning guitar, however we do have some obligations to warn you that the lessons are not free of charge.

Still, we could not left it out because it comes with an impressive number of valuable guitar lessons and some other features such as learning of musical notation, tablature notation, lyrics, and chord charts which come with this tutorial.

Download this free app and see whether any of these video lessons satisfies you then you can also learn from your preferable artist’s lesson personally if you think that the lesson is price worthy.

This app is ​discontinued.

4. Digitech Stomp Shop

For Digitech Stomp Shop, all you need is an iPhone or iPad as this free impressive app is intended for both. Just plug it into your iPhone or iPad and your guitar and start.

You can download as many as you want. Moreover, you have the opportunity to play it for 5 minutes before you download any effect.

This way you can have a chance to experiment with what kind of effect you would want your guitar to use and therefore, save your valuable time.

You will never regret if you go through this fantastic app by Harman Professional, Inc. Just remember, you will need iStomp to make it work.

You can download it here. (for iOS only)​

5. Guitar Buddy

Guitar Buddy is totally a free app. It is very informative and has essential learning materials which contains a huge chord dictionary that includes above 1300 chords and 20 free classical tabs.

Besides these, it also includes 30 scales and over 300 guitar licks. Moreover, it will guide you to learn about licks, tempo, tabs, scales, chords and timing.

Download it here. (for Android)​

6. Guitar Lessons

This app by contains around 11000 high definition lessons through which you can learn guitar very fast.

This iOS app provides a relaxed yet quite exciting way to learn guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks is quite an effective app which is designed to help you in enhancing your guitar skills.

If you are a beginner than we must recommend it as a go to app and if you say that you have already some basic knowledge about electric guitars, then you can be benefitted from it as well.

With this app, you can learn some of the most advanced guitar techniques in quite an easy way.

Moreover, through its huge library of over 600 lessons you can learn the most famous songs of artists like The Rolling stones, B.B King, The Beatles.


7. AnyTune Pro

Sway your music with Anytune when you want it to be. Anytune is a nice app from Anystone Technologies which is ready to let you slow down your music and speed up your music maintaining high quality on demand.

Moreover, it will allow you to slow down your entire sections when you need. If your guitar gets out of tune then Anytune has the solution of this problem also.

Besides, you can also select single notes through this app and upload your own ones. In a word this app works smoothly and in a nice way.

Download the iOS version here.​

Enjoy and Stay safe!