Guitar Tricks Vs Jamplay

Several tools for learning guitar exist, but two lead the pack–Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

Both are awesome for the user-friendly features and a wide variety of guitar lessons for learning at your own pace. So, how do you choose the best one for you?

We have your answer right here in our JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks review.

Let’s start with a quick overview of these two guitar lesson platforms.

Guitar Tricks – A Summary:

For many, Guitar Tricks offers the best online guitar lessons and the platform beats all others.

The award-winning platform earns the title with a huge library of lessons, with thousands of easy to understand videos that cover various topics, from how to hold a guitar to how to play your favorite songs.

Guitar Tricks regularly updates its massive archive of songs and lessons by adding new content. You can access the lessons either via the Guitar Trick website or mobile app, both of which are easy to understand and navigate.

The platform offers one-on-one online lessons to learn from true guitar maestros in real-time. Before paying for the platform’s monthly package, why not take advantage of its 14-day free trial to determine if it’s a good fit? If you choose to go for the annual package, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

While Guitar Tricks is awesome, it isn’t perfect. Its shortcomings include a lack of bass guitar lessons and higher prices than its competitors.

JamPlay – A Summary:

Even though Guitar Tricks has more accolades than JamPlay, JamPlay is still worthy of your attention.

Two obvious reasons that JamPlay is a top contender for the best online guitar lesson platform are its simplicity and easy to navigate interface, and its curriculum, which contains ample material for newbies and experienced guitarists.

The JamPlay interface is seamless, whether you are using its website or app. The clutter-free and intuitive design is especially important when you consider the thousands of lessons available on the platform.

JamPlay boasts of a rich tutorial library with lessons from over a hundred instructors. Some of its instructors are famous guitarists, too.

Whether you are new to guitars or have some experience, JamPlay has enough tutorials to help you acquire the skills you desire.

Its price is close to that of Guitar Tricks, but it offers no free trial. It does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect your purchase, and you can partake in live sessions for guitar lessons and guidance in real-time.

The Main, Critical Differences

JamPlay and Guitar Tricks have lots of similarities, such as live sessions, HD tutorial videos, and website and app interfaces. If you look at a comprehensive Guitar Tricks and JamPlay review, you’ll see there are crucial differences that we’ve listed below.

JamPlay and Guitar Trick song lessons


Guitar Tricks has more content with over 600 lessons and more added frequently. For now, JamPlay has only around 300 song lessons, but the platform offers more guitar lesson styles and genres than Guitar Tricks.


Prices are similar, around $19.95 a month, but JamPlay offers more options. JamPlay lets you choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly package. With Guitar Tricks, there’s only a monthly and annual option.


If you are new to online guitar lesson platforms, you probably want an option that offers reassurances regarding the quality. Guitar Tricks offers that with a 14-day trial period if you choose its monthly package, and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you choose its yearly package.

With JamPlay, all you get is a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is still reasonable.


Guitar Tricks offers one learning game, while JamPlay offers three.

Which Is Best For Beginners?

While both platforms are suitable for beginners, Guitar Tricks is a better option if you have minimal experience with guitars. The curriculum is more straightforward and easier to follow, especially if you are a beginner.

It consists of a step-by-step plan for beginners and two levels of guitar fundamentals. Once you clear those levels, you can choose the genre you’d like to master–country, blues, or rock.

The easy-to-follow path ensures you can learn at your own pace without missing anything.

JamPlay’s curriculum for beginners is less structured. Combine this with the platform’s large number of instructors, and beginners may find themselves overwhelmed or confused.

Which Is Best For Intermediate/Advanced Players?

If you have experience with a guitar and want to sharpen your skills, JamPlay’s wider range and accomplished acoustic and electric guitar instructors are the fastest way to accomplish your goals.

The live session feature with real-time feedback from professional artists like Steve Stevens and Tosin Abasi are other useful add-ons for intermediate players. JamPlay also has songwriting courses, which intermediate players with big dreams will no doubt find useful.

The Verdict – Guitar Tricks, Or Jamplay?

Overall, Guitar Tricks may be the better guitar learning platform, thanks to its intuitive curriculum and downloadable content. If you are an experienced player who wants to skip the basics and learn specific skills, then JamPlay’s more diverse collection of instructors and genres might be more appealing.