guys who play guitars are attractive

There is a long running joke about how a man merely holding a guitar can make him instantly more attractive, but there is actually some science behind this theory. Research and polls show that men who play the guitar are more appealing to both sexes than those that don’t, and here we discover why that is.

Concentration is sexy

Whether it be while his driving, or putting up a shelf, that look of concentration on a man’s face is oh-so attractive. When a man plays a guitar that look strikes again, especially if he is learning a new song, or attempting a difficult chord transition.

He shows emotion

Although contemporary culture states that it is perfectly fine for a man to show emotion, it is still rare to see a guy freely express themselves in a poetic way. When a man plays guitar and sings a song, be it his own or a cover, the impact can be mesmerising as he exudes emotion.

This is especially attractive if the man in question very rarely shows how he feels, because if he is willing to show emotions to you via his guitar talents, you must be someone special.

He can sing for you

How special would it feel to have man sing a song just for you? It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s one that works! Having a guy put so much effort into a heartfelt rendition of a romantic ballad, or even to pen one himself shows how much he cares for you.

Shows confidence

Shows confidence

It takes a certain amount of confidence to play guitar in public, and so if you are a gigging musician, this will appeal to people you wish to woo.

According to Dudepins.Com, confidence is one of the major traits a woman looks for in a man, and so if you are looking for a lady, playing a guitar in public could be the way to go.

Creativity is attractive

Artistic intelligence is appealing to both men and women and a man who plays guitar presents that intelligence for all to see. Playing the guitar is a very subtle yet effective way to showcase your creativity.

You’re a rock star!

Even it’s all in your head, and you’re not quite as good as Prince yet, the rock star attitude is attractive to many people. There have been several surveys of women asked to choose who they found more attractive, a man standing alone, or a man standing with a guitar and the latter came out on top.

This means that even when you are not playing the guitar you could still be found more attractive than the poor guy standing alone. However, it really is best to actually learn how to play it rather than stand with one as at some point your admirer is going to want to hear you play.

With so many reasons to play the guitar, what’s stopping you? Grab the nearest six-string and get practising.