Who Are the Members of Sistar
Group Name:Sistar
Agency:Starship Entertainment
Debut: June 3, 2010
Members:Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, Dasom

About Sistar

Sistar was the product of Starship Entertainment and had their official coming out party on June 3, 2010 with the debut of their song “Push, Push” on June 3, 2010.

The group consists of members Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. They have been the recipients of over 45 awards and the winners of over 74 more during their illustrious tenure.

The group performed on Music Bank the following day after it’s debut and pushed promotional materials through the Korean music show circuit over the span of a few months, all the while promoting their second single, “Shady Girl”.

They would receive unintended but ultimately positive press when during the middle of their “Let’s Start Sharing Performance” on August 28 Bora suddenly fell on stage and fractured her thumb. She would recover a few minutes later and the group was able to finish filming. The footage was broadcast shortly thereafter on G4’s Attack of The Show as well as RTL and went viral.

In the months proceeding, Sistar performed at Japan’s Hallyu Music Festival and on Thailand’s Team Superstar. On December 9, 2010, a month after their third single “How Dare You” they secured the “Best Newcomer Award” win at The Golden Disk Awards and picked a win on KBS Music Bank after their first public performance of “How Dare You”.

For a while, the group would languish and fail to produce new material. Their So Cool showcase along with the mini albums Alone and Loving You would not signal a significant resurgence.

On April 27, a solution was proposed in the formation of sub unit Sistar19, featuring only members Hyolyn and Bora. In a tactic similar to K-Pop group AOA, which formed two sub units during the waning popularity of the main group, Sistar19 released on mini album Gone Not Around Any Longer and its title track on January 31, 2013.

Sistar 19 would be scrapped and the main group would refocus its efforts, releasing its second studio album Give It To Me which debuted at number 4 on the Gaon Music Chart.

Three more singles, “The Way You Make Me Melt”, “Crying”, and “Bad Boy” as well as two promotional singles were released to further advertise Give It To Me. Hyolyn’s debut solo album Love & Hate would simultaneously make it to number 5 on the Gaon Music Charts.

Their third album, Touch & Move along with the accompanying title track “Touch My Body” would peak at 2 and 8 on the Gaon Digital and Billboard World Music charts. Sweet & Sour, their fourth album, with new singles “I Swear” and “Hold on Tight” would help lock up the “Best New Female Group” award at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards. 

Now on a roll, the group’s fifth album Shake It and its namesake title track would debut at three on the Gaon Charts and book them a ticket overseas to perform at the 2015 KCON convention in Los Angeles, California. On August 14, 2015 the group performed at the 70th Independence Day of the Republic of Korea.

A 10 month hiatus ensued, and Sistar was once again pressed for new material until the release of their title song “I Like That”, which was supposed to be part of a larger EP, on June 14 and accompanying music video on June 21. That Same day they release the complete EP, entitled Insane Love.

Once again, they averted the scene for another 11 months until their last gasp at a comeback with the title track “Lonely” from a tentatively planned fifth EP.

It was never to be, though, and on May 22nd the group conducted a farewell tour, performing their most successful summer hits, “Touch My Body”, “Shake It”, “Loving You”, “I Swear” and their most recent song, “Lonely” on four major music shows after they had written official letters of farewell the month prior. They officially disbanded on June 4, 2017.

Discovery: Songs & Albums by Sistar

All songs and albums released by Sistar.

So Cool

Release date: August 9, 2011

So Cool

So Cool (lyrics)
Girls Do It (lyrics)
Follow Me (lyrics)
New World (lyrics)
Over (lyrics)
Oh Baby (lyrics)
Push Push (lyrics)
Ma boy (lyrics)

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Release date: April 12, 2012


Come Closer (lyrics)
나혼자 (Alone) (lyrics)
No Mercy (lyrics)
Lead Me (lyrics)
Girls On Top (lyrics)

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Loving U

Release date: June 28, 2012

Loving U

Loving U (lyrics)
Holiday (lyrics)

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Give It To Me

Release date: June 11, 2013

Give It To Me

Miss Sistar (lyrics)
Give It To Me (lyrics)
The Way You Make Me Melt (lyrics)
Summer Time (lyrics)
Crying (lyrics)
Hey You (lyrics)
If U Want (lyrics)
Up And Down (lyrics)

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Release date: July 21, 2014


Wow (lyrics)
Touch My Body (lyrics)
나쁜손 Naughty Hands (lyrics)
But I Love U (lyrics)
Ok Go! (lyrics)
Sunshine (lyrics)

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Sweet and Sour

Release date: August 26, 2014

Sweet and Sour

I Swear (lyrics)
Hold On Tight (lyrics)
Touch My Body (Glen Check Remix) (lyrics)
Loving U (House Rulez Remix) (lyrics)
Give It to Me (Reno Remix) (lyrics)
있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer) (Smells Remix) (lyrics)

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Shake It

Release date: June 22, 2015

Shake It

SHAKE IT (lyrics)
애처럼 굴지마 Don’t Be Such a Baby (lyrics)
Good Time (lyrics)
나쁜놈 Bad Boy (lyrics)
Go Up (lyrics)

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没我爱(몰아애) Insane Love

Release date: June 21, 2016

没我爱(몰아애) Insane Love

I Like That (lyrics)
끈 (Come and Get Me) (lyrics)
해볼래 (Say Yes!) (lyrics)
Yeah Yeah (lyrics)
Say I Love You (lyrics)
이불 덮고 들어 (My Sad Lullaby) (lyrics)

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One More Day (EP)

Release date: November 22, 2016

One More Day (EP)

One More Day (lyrics)

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LONELY – Single

Release date: May 31, 2017

LONELY - Single

Lonely (lyrics)
For You (lyrics)
SISTAR’s Public Disbandment Letters (letter)

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@ xhyolynx / Instagram

Birth Name: Kim Hyo Jung

Stage Name: Hyolyn

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group

Birthday: December 11, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 99 lbs

Blood Type: B

Specialty: Vocal and Dance

Instagram: @xhyolynx

Hyolyn Bio

Hyolyn was born on December 11, 1990 as the oldest of two sisters in Incheon, South Korea. Being of premature birth, she underwent surgery for Bilateral Atresia, a serious complication of the liver in which one or more bile ducts are narrow, blocked, or absent.

Professing a love of singing and dancing since childhood, she picked up auditions of her own. It took two auditions with JYP entertainment before they accepted her and thus her professional career could begin. There were plans made for her to join a group consisting of her, Secret’s Jieun, EXID’s Hani, and Bestie’s Uji but it never actualized.

Discontent and unable to wait, Hyolyn relinquished her contract with JYP and latched on to Starship Entertainment in 2010, making her debut with Sistar.

Her and Bora would form the sub unit Sistar 19, recording the successful singles “Ma Boy” and “Ma Boy 2” featuring Electroboyz. Their first EP Gone Not Around Any Longer with the namesake title track would place themselves on several music charts.

After Sistar 19, Hyolyn would hone in on accomplishing her dreams as an actress and artist outside of the group. In 2012, she starred in the KBS drama Dream High Season 2 as Nana,

teaming up with Ailee and and T-ara’s Jiyeon for the song “Superstar” on the OST. Another OST recording, “You Make Me Go Crazy” from the drama Master’s Sun was recorded solo in August 2013.

As a soloist, her career began after an appearance alongside Stevie Wonder at the 2013 MNet music Awards, covering a rendition of I Just Called to Say I Love You. 

Her first solo album, Love and Hate would feature Korean rappers Mad Clown, Block B’s Zico, Dok2, and Geeks’ Lil Boi, with some production assistance courtesy of the Brave Brothers and Kim Do-hoon. Both of the album’s singles, “Lonely” and “One Way Love”  would win first place on several music shows.

“One Way Love” would secure first place on the Gaon charts and Billboard’s K-Pop 100, with Lonely coming in at numbers 4 and 3, respectively.

Hyolyn would then record the OST “Goodbye” for the drama My Love From the Star and pick up another feature on Mad Clown/s own comeback track, “Without You” on April 3, 2014. The track, “Erase” featuring fellow group member Jooyoung and rapper Iron, would place number one on the Gaon Weekly Chart.

In 2015, Hyolyn would introduce herself to viewing audiences during season 3 of  MBC’s I Am A Singer with a follow up appearance on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 and King of Masked Singer in March 2016.

Interwoven between and after those shows were a few collaborations starting with “My Love” featuring rapper Basick and another one entitled “My Love” featuring her, Jooyoung, and Bumkey.

There was also a lone OST, entitled “I Miss You” from the Korean Drama Uncontrollably Fond. Her first solo EP, It’s Me, was recorded in November of that year.

Shortly before Sistar’s disbandment in 2017, Hyolyn’s release of Blue Moon with Rapper Changmo, a collaboration brought together on behalf of Starship Entertainment, would further enhance Hyolyn’s individual reputation, capturing the “Best Collaboration Award” in 2017 and ranking in the top halves of several music charts, including Bugs, Genie, and Sorbida.

Departing from Starship Entertainment, Hyolyn would found a label of her own, Bridʒ and independently produced the single, “To Do List” released on February 6, 2018 with her second, “Bae” being recorded on August 14, 2018.

There was also a world tour arranged, aptly named “2019 Hyolyn First World Tour”, a cross-continental hop that began in Berlin on May 29 and ended in Tokyo on June 30.


@ borabora_sugar / Instagram

Birth Name: Yoon Bo Ra

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Birthday: December 30, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 101 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @borabora_sugar

Bora Bio

The Product of South Jolla, South Korea, Bora is the oldest member of the group while having an even older brother. She earned her degree in Musical Theater at Myong University, graduating in 2015; five years after banding together with Soyou, Dasou, and Hyolyn to form Sistar and four years after the formation of sub-unit Sistar 19 alongside Hyolyn.

Not only a member of Sistar and its subsidiaries, Bora was briefly apart of a side project known as Mystic White, consisting of 4minute’s Gayoon, SECRET’s Sunwha, After School’s Lizzy and herself.

Their purpose as one of a quartet of groups was to perform a new song for the SBS Gayo Daejeon music spectacular. They released the song, “Mermaid princess” on December 26, 2012.

In Television, Bora’s first credit was on the variety show Invisible Youth 2 as a regular. Bora would proceed to fill a number of roles, scripted and practical.

From her Cameos in 2012’s Shut Up Family and 2018’s Gangnam Beauty to supporting roles in Doctor Stranger, High End Crush, and A Korean Odyssey. She wold embrace the lead role in 2015’s Flatterer and 2017’s Irish Uppercut.

Variety shows would continue to call her number, shortly after Invisible Youth 2 she was a judge on 2013’s  Fashion King Korea and occupied hosting positions on KBS 2’s Music Bank and KBS World’s A Style For You. 

No K-pop crossover career would be complete without a scheduled Law of the Jungle introduction, which she had the honor of being cast for in 2016. Finally, she was a contestant on Mnet’s Hit the Stage and Produce 48. There was also one notable role in the independent film Sunkist Family from 2017.

Not much has been disclosed personally concerning Bora, ony that she likes the color purple and that she was dating BIGSTAR’s Feeldog for two years until their eventual breakup in 2019.

After Sistar’s disbandment, Bora would leave Starship and sign with Hook Entertainment in 2017. To this day she remains under contract, but there has been little to no promotional work done that is yet accessible to the public domain.


Kang Ji Hyun
@ official_soyou / Instagram

Birth Name: Kang Ji Hyun

Stage Name: Soyou

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: February 12, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Aqaurius

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 108 lbs

Blood Type: O

Instagram: @official_soyou

Twitter: @official_soyou

Soyou Bio

Soyou was born in Jeju Island, South Korea along with an older brother and sister. Before her subsequent musical debut, she was a licensed hairdresser and employee at a hair salon.

Abandoning this lifestyle, she became a trainee of Cube Entertainment and was supposed to become a member of the group 4minute. Realizing that she lacked many of the music fundamentals required to sustain membership in that context,

Soyou struck out and auditioned for Starship Entertainment in 2010, joining Sistar and launching not only a lucrative career within the group, but a respected resume as a soloist and collaborative artist.

As a lead artist, her most remarkable contribution was “The Night” featuring Hip-Hop group the Geeks, peaking at 23rd on the Gaon Music Charts and at 32 on the Korean Hot 100. As a featured artist, she helped engineer the tunes,

“Right”, “Let Me Hear You Say” and “Forever Yours” with the respective aid of artists Primary, KWill, and Key in addition to Soyou who was featured on all three. Collaboratively, Soyou would become a resident of the Gaon Music Charts, with a duo of number 1’s on Gaon and the Korean Hot 100, three Number 2’s, the most digitally successful,

“Some” raking in nearly 3 million streams. 13 of her 16 recordings would qualify for at least one of the charts, while 6 of them would place in the top 10 on both of them.

On the subject of soundtracks, Soyou would also fare well, half of them would secure placement on The Gaon Charts and 4 out of 10 would make the top 10. 2015’s “You Don’t Know Me” featuring Brother Su would place the highest at No. 4 and the runner-up at no. 5, “I Miss You” from Goblin OST would accumulate over 1.2  million digital downloads.

Moreover, from 2012-2018 Soyou helped produce 14 music videos, Beginning with “Officially”( Directed by Yang Junghun)  and ending with “All Night” (Directed by Tiger Cave).

Along the way her MV, “Some” ft. Junggigo would be nominated for World’s Best Video at the 2013 World Music Awards and would be catalogued as one of 29 award nominations or wins in Soyou’s formidable arsenal.

Ranging from her musical accolades, which include the coveted Digital Bonseng, Best Song, Best R&B song, Record of the year, Trend of the Year and The Hot Trend Award and Best Collaboration on “Some”; To her fastidious fashion Savvy, winning Top 10 style icon at the 7th Style Icon Awards, Soyou has proven time and again her exceptional talent and versatility time and again, winning a grand total of 13 different awards.


@ som0506 / Instagram

Birth Name: Kim Da Som

Stage Name: Dasom

Position: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Birthday: May 6, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 97 lbs

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @som0506

Dasom Bio

As the youngest of two siblings from Seoul,  Dasom was an aspiring poet prior to her engagement with Sistar. In her own respects, she is a known just as well for her career as an actress,

playing complementary roles on half a dozen shows beginning her career as Woo Da-Yoon in he 2012 KBS2 Sitcom Shut Up Family and most recently as Eun Ji-Soo in 2019’s He Is Psychometric. In the variety show genre, there were two brief stints as a cast member in 2013’s Beauty and the Beast and Idol song Battle. In 2013, she was MC of the Golden Disk Awards.

For her work in TV, Dasom has six award nominations and one win from the 2017 SBS Drama Awards in the Best New Actress category for her performance as Yang Dal-hee on the SBS 2017 drama Band Of Sisters.

Not to be defined by the small screen alone, Dasom has stretched her abilities to accommodate film as well. In 2015, she was the lead role of Gi Hong in Like A French Film. Two years later, she made a cameo as a rehabilitation therapist another small independent production, Real.

Dasom’s well-known acting career would lead her back to the studio to produce the single “Yayaya” for The Melody of Love OST, all the while juggling the role of Gong Deul-Im. Another OST single,

“Your’e Mine” from The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law, would follow in 2015. Separate from her television related requests, she recorded “Honestly” from the EP Trespass and 2017’s “You & I” for the EP Vintage Box Vol. 4.